Cartoon for Carol

Carol Olson was the drawing winner in my last Quilt Whisperer online class  on MQResource.   She had her choice of several custom Carla items, and she chose a signed and framed cartoon  for her studio wall.   I was honored, so I drew her a cartoon with her favorite saying:

Notice Carol’s patented “Fine Line”  ruler in her apron pocket?   Yes, Carol manufactures a new line of rulers.  I ordered 2, so when they come in, I will review them for you.

Join me for the next class?? I am teaching another Quilt Whisperer online class for 3 weeks on the Machine Quilter’s Resource beginning in January.  For more info, go to this site.  Who know?  You might be the next doorprize winner if you sign up.  LOL!


11 thoughts on “Cartoon for Carol

  1. I’ve already signed up for the next class. Hoping to get some tips. I feel like I’m still a beginner on my longarm (will have had it for 2 years in April!).

    Looks like you’ve had worse winter weather than we have here in ALaska!

    Hope you can stay warm! Happy holidays to you too!

  2. Carla,
    Love your quilting. I have been mulling over taking your online class in January, but would like to know more specifics about it…such as, is it geared for the LA quilter mostly? How is the instruction delivered, and how often over the 3 week class period? What can a student expect to cover in terms of material? And whatever else you may be able to tell me that would be helpful


  3. Thanks, Sherri and Debra Jo! Debra Jo, as a beginner, you will especially find the class helpful. At least that is the feedback I was given. I also have sections that are more intermediate so everyone feels challenged.

    I am accepting quilts pictures from students in the Jan class to use as “how to QW” examples in Lesson 3. High resolution images are good. My email address will have been provided to send them too. Otherwise, leave me a message and I can send it to you via email.

  4. Love the cartoon–that would have been my choice for the doorprize too!!! Loved the QW class too–have some quilts to do in January for myself that I really want to go all out on–thanks for giving me the confidence!!!

    • Hi Helen-Mary, Since this is a special project for Carol, the way I prefer to approach it is to give you a small visual for your blog, but to see the whole thing your blog readers have to visit my post.

      I usually take down cartoons after the fact, or slap a large copyright on them, so I don’t want to lose control of the image.

      I will contact you via email. Thanks, Carla

  5. Hi Carla,
    I would love to use your feathered fiber cartoon for a quilt presentation we are making at our Guild. We are presenting some rather boring numbers from a recent survey of our members and we’re looking for some cute quilt related cartoons to spice things up a bit.

    We would love to use this cartoon giving you and your site full credit. Please let me know if this is ok.


    Linda Townsend, President
    Snake River Valley Quilt Guild
    Idaho Falls, Idaho

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