Let There be Light!

After 4 days of no power or heat, we had about given up on our electric company.  Finally, last night, power was restored!!  Have I told you how good it feels to have a warm house again??  Life is returning to normal now here at Feathered Fibers Central.

On day 3 of the outage, I bought my husband an early  Christmas present,  a new whisper-quiet generator.  After 3 days of a steady load noise from the old generator, I decided he needed a quiet one.  LOL  Now we are really set for the next power outage!

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to get down my hill and out to the main street with my car.  So where was the first place I went??  The bead store, of course!!  LOL  It felt good to get out.  Today, I will hit the stores and work on my Christmas list.

This weekend, my husband and I will get our Christmas tree and put up the rest of our holiday decorations.  I always love to do this every year.  So, my question today for you is…. what holiday do you celebrate?  And what do you enjoy doing most this season?

I will answer my own question first.  My family celebrate Christmas, and I always enjoy Christmas Day and getting together with loved ones.  This year is especially special as I have a granddaughter due in 2 months.

Merry Christmas to you, Carla


8 thoughts on “Let There be Light!

    • Hi Vicki, we must think alike, because I called my solar company to discuss how much it would cost to ensure our solar system would work when the power is out.

      The reason my solar system goes down is for the safety of the repair crew. During the day, I sell back power to PG&E, since the energy has to go somewhere. In an outage, if my solar system were working, it might make the line hot and possibly cause issues with the guy trying to fix the downed power line.

      For 10K, I could install an islanding inverter and batteries for storage, this would allow me to be up and running when the power company was down. However, when you crunch the return on investment for this feature, it just doesn’t make sense. Cheaper to buy a generator.

      Aren’t you glad I asked? LOL

  1. Wahoooo!!! So glad you once again have power! Bet you’ll be better prepared if it happens again with your new generator.

    We have, for about 20 years now done an open house Christmas Eve –where everyone — family & friends drop in and out. Christmas Day is very low key. Eating leftovers and usually doing a movie marathon while snacking thru the day. What I like best about Christmas is that I have my family together with good food and lots of love.

  2. we celebrate christmas both the eve and the day. and they are completely different celebrations. christmas eve is very quiet. the kids all come home after celebrating with their in laws to spend the night with us. we sit around drinking hot cocoa, eating cookies and reading christmas stories while snuggling in our new christmas jammies. christmas day is a crazy mad house with extended family and sometimes friends. we open stockings and santa’s gifts, eat too much, exchange gifts and play games. we start early (sometimes 5 am and go until supper time).

  3. YIPPIE! So glad to hear you have power!

    We celebrate Christmas as well. Christmas eve is relatively quiet with the exception of getting last minutes food stuffs ready to go to my sister’s home the next day. Plus I still have kids home so I need to wait up until they go to bed to out the gifts. That keeps getting later and later every year and I’m wanting to go to bed earlier and ealier. LOL.

    Christmas day is celebrated my youngest sister’s home and it is a nice day. Good food, wine and gifts followed by great desserts and a long walk around the block.

    This year my old (16) does not want any part of getting the tree or decorating. Well…he will be going to get the tree and decorating it as it is a family tradition. More importantly, he has a younger brother (10) that needs to follow the tradition with his brother.

    We’re getting the tree tomorrow….wish me luck that I survive the “I’m 16 and I don’t have to do anything you tell me” stuff.

  4. Heat is very very good. Glad you got it back. Generator noise is deeply deeply annoying. We suffered from other people’s generators on more than one occasion…argh!

    I’m surprised you didn’t make your way through a lot of that list while you were home there!

  5. Carla, I’m glad you’re warm and toasty again.

    My siblings and I and our families always go to my mother’s house the weekend before Christmas to celebrate the holiday. It is a madhouse, but we all love it. We like to play Trivial Pursuit…..women against the men…..and you don’t have to sit down to play. If you’re in the room, you can collaborate with your fellow men or women on an answer. My mother has six great-grandchildren from ages 3 to 7 who keep things pretty wild, especially when it’s too cold to play outside. And there are also twin 13-year-old great-granddaughters added to the mix. I think there will be about 28 people staying at my mother’s this coming weekend. We sleep whereever we can find a spot:) And this Christmas ought to be especially interesting because my kids, four little grandkids, DH and I will be making the 4 1/2 hour drive to Mother’s in my son’s RV. I hope we’re not crazy for doing it.

    We usually celebrate at home with our kids and grandkids on the 23rd so we can all be together (including the teen-aged step-granddaughters) and they can be free to celebrate with their in-laws and at home with their kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I’ve found that having them here on the 23rd works pretty well because they’re usually exhausted by Christmas Day. This will be our first Christmas Day without plans. We usually spend it with Tommy’s mother and his sister’s family. But my MIL died this year and his sister is going up north for the birth of a grandbaby. So we’ll probably be watching movies and that’s okay with me.

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