Here in California, living in the foothills, we only get a dusting of snow every winter if we are lucky.  Last night, a winter storm moved in, and so we woke up to over a foot of snow on the ground!   Also unusual, we had thunder-snow,  which is lightening storm with the snow.

Carla note: The snow continued for a couple of hours after I took the above photo.  In the end the snow on the patio furniture doubled in depth!

We also lost power, but I am able to type this thanks to our generator.  The oak trees are not used to the heavy weight of the snow, so they are breaking branches off left and right.  We have a utility van we use on occasion and it had several large branches fell on it.

We did take time to play in the snow.  I made a snowcat and Joe made a snowman:

I am staying warm right now by wrapping myself in my lovely snuggle quilt.  Yes, I use a snuggle quilt with minkee in the winter time.

I will update this post with pics as soon as I am able to charge my other computer when the power is restored.  I have a feeling that clearing up branches is in my future!  LOL

Regards, Carla

16 thoughts on “Snow!!

  1. How lovely photo. It seems that there is more snow than in the Southern part of my country where I am living.

    Maybe this is that famous “climate change”?

    Okay I hope that You will stay warm and everything will be Okay.

    • LOL, this is very unusual snow depth, I assure you.

      Luckily, we have some gas fireplace that we hooked up our generator to start it, so those rooms are warm.

      No power, though, and a large branch is blocking our road up to our house. We have a wonderful neighbor who used an all terrain vehicle to check on us and other neighbors. He said he would take care of our road block for us. Neighbors where I live are always looking out for one another.

      Thank you for commenting, all the way from beautiful Finland!

  2. Gorgeous! Please tell me you’re going to go out and play in it! Here in Minnesota, we’re waiting for snow. Tomorrow sounds promising!

    • Yes, I just made a snow cat, lying down in the snow with paws curled and tail flicking. My husband made a snowman, rustic version. I decided to come in and dry off.

      Sure wish we will get electricity back sometime soon. Our solar panels are covered in snow so that is not working either.

      I used to live in MN, this reminds me of a really good MN snowstorm.


  3. Beautiful picture! We are supposed to get snow down to 1500 feet by 7 tonight and we are just a hair under 2700 feet here.

  4. I have never heard of thunder snow!??? I’m sure I’d love it though. The boys and I went to a Rutgers Football game on Saturday – in the rain, then snow, then rain and then snow again. We were frozen to the bone by the time we got back on the shuttle bus. It was fun and the ride home was a little slick. Both boys slept most of the way home. No more football games in December!

    Looking forward to class in January!

  5. Thunder storms during a snow storm always means tons of snow!! It is beautiful, but I bet your area is not prepared for a snow of that nature.

  6. Any chance you can pack up some of that snow to keep me cool through what promises to be a very hot summer down under?
    Love the snowman! He would be welcome anytime, though may not live long here.
    Judy B

  7. Gosh, Carla, I know you mentioned you had a storm but I had no idea how bad it was. I was born in Oregon and I can remember (I was about 5) going to our neighbours and knocking on their door asking to borrow some of the snow in their yard to finish my snowman. We had maybe 1″ on the ground rapidly melting. Snow was very much a rarity.

    Best of luck to you and I hope they can get things back to normal for you soon.


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