Shopping Time!!

Ok, it it that time of the year, when I start shopping for Christmas.  I have been shopping online ever since the early days of, back when their shipping was fast.  Now their shipping service leaves much to be desired, so I have to look elsewhere to get my presents now.

It is hard to buy for family members when they do not give you a list.  (Note to kids…. send list NOW, otherwise, you might get coals in your stocking!  Mom is NOT kidding!)

Last year, it was easy, my husband wanted a Rodex 4000 or some named device that he LOVES to use to exterminate gophers.  I did make a video of him using this device, it is pretty funny to watch.  Let’s just say that a loud explosion is involved, with dirt flying everywhere.  Since we live in the country, a really loud explosion just sounds like some redneck getting drunk and fooling around.  If you did this in the city, there would be 5 police cars, several firetrucks, the bomb squad, and you would get sued by your neighbor.

So how can I possibly top a Rodex 4000 this year?

Ideas, anyone?   Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah,  and Peace on Earth to everyone!  Carla


4 thoughts on “Shopping Time!!

  1. How about a marshmallow shooter? They’re pretty fun. Or google “Potato Canon”. That would be good for some redneck fun!!!

  2. How about a pumpkin chunker…I have to send you a link…but if you go to my site and then to Wahini’s site you may get there….it’s a giant homemade cannon that shoots pumpkins about half a mile. Nothing like it.

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