Moo Moo

Tonight I was quilting, minding my own business, when I look out and see a visitor.  Look who came to dinner?

Looks like a teenage steer to me.  Hmmm… I wonder how he got in?  I bet he activated my super duper fancy electronic gate?  The cows are smarter than the man who installed the gate, I think.  The gate is supposed to keep out the cows, y’know?    That reminds me… I haven’t ever shared a picture what our entrance gate looks like finished.  I promise to go take a photo.   Really.

Moo Moo

7 thoughts on “Moo Moo

    • Hi Kathy, Probably one of two scenarios…. if the steer is a happy cow, like in those California ads, then he would just get spooked by me and run off. However, if he was a very bad cow, then he might stand his ground, stomp him feet and snort at me. Worse case, he might charge me and he outweighs me by quite a bit.

      I think I will keep my distance, thank you very much. Of course, Rex, our 100 lb pound puppy, happens to like the cows and will even graze with them. To him, they are dogs with hoofs! LOL

  1. Ah… living the rural life! ha ha
    Just the beginning of many visitors, I’m sure. Glad to see you’re taking it all in stride.

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