Quilting again…

It is good to be quilting again.  I am working on a quilt for my friend, Barb, and also designing a new project for ArtBeads.com.  I admit to having withdrawals from my lovely sailing vacation, too.  It is so tempting to schedule another trip again, I miss the warm sun, sailing with the wind in my hair.

Back to the real world again.  I did miss my home when I was gone though.  Top of the list was missing my lovely super jacuzzi and endless hot water.   I missed the comfort of looking out the window and seeing cows, wild turkeys and oak trees.  Can’t forget my trusty  insta-hot, which gives me boiling hot water any time of the day.  Sometimes, it is the small joys in life that you miss when you are away.

I would love to hear your list of small joys in your life, too.


9 thoughts on “Quilting again…

  1. We just returned from a vacation in Mexico. Guess what I missed? A toilet that would flush more than two squares of toilet paper at a time!!! I also missed my soft bed!

    • Yes, to both!! The sailboat had one of these pump toilets that sailboats have… I was mighty tired of pumping that blasted thing.

      All of my friends will attest to how anal I am about high quality thread count and a decent mattress! So I can relate to your small joys that you missed!

  2. Small things to be thankful for: a purring cat in my lap, sitting in the sunshine on a Fall day, sleeping in late just because I can, having a husband who puts up with my foibles (and a very large quilting/sewing habit!).

  3. Smiles and hugs from Grandchildren, my quilting room, my friends, the birds at my feeder, my husband who still loves me after all these years, my children (after all they gave me the grandchildren), roses, my stash…..

  4. Carla
    We have that in common — great husbands! Lucky us. Todays our anniversary — we’ll celebrate later — probably this weekend.

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