Carla Update

Hello!  Wonder where I have been??  I have been off teaching my first online class and also drawing on quilt tops for many of the students for my Lesson 3.  I finally finished this morning and sent it off!!  Whew!  Glad I have finished the last of the three lessons.

From my perspective, the class has been a terrific success!!  I also enjoyed getting to know the more active students, too, and seeing their fabulous work!

Now that I finished my last lesson, I will create one more video- one where I am drawing on a student quilt.  I appreciate the learning curve this class presented for me; learning video software and hardware, learning the presentation software, learning adobe acrobat, filezilla, and other software used for the class.

After this week, I will begin to focus on my classes for International Machine Quilter’s Showcase.  The show is still 6 months away, but I need to fine tune them all,  create my handouts, and start practicing my speaking skills with the technology used.  I will be asking Santa for a business projector that I may use with my powerpoint and video presentations.

I will also be teaching another online class in January at Machine Quilter’s Resource.  Additionally, I will be scheduling a bunch of new classes as my local quilt store, High Sierra Quilters.

Of course, I will be quilting, creating beadwork, and freeform crochet.  I love making my scarves when it is cold out.

I saw Jack on Thanksgiving.  Here is a recent picture to show you how cute he is at 22 months.  Of course, I am very biased!  LOL


7 thoughts on “Carla Update

  1. You are not that biased — he’s adorable! Bet you just love the time you get to spend with him. Welcome back — I’ve missed you!

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