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My online class on quilting design, called Quilt Whisperer, is going very well!  I have a fine bunch of students, and they are very talented!  Their homework creative exercises are amazing, I am very proud of them!  If any of my students read this, I do hope you will stop and leave a comment about the class.  Here is one of my many illustrations for the lesson:

Obviously, I get a lot more complex than this.  LOL!  This class was full, but we did schedule a 2nd class starting in January.  Go to Machine Quilting Resource for more info

I haven’t posted as much as I usually do because I am spending 8 hours + a day on the class and preparing my last lesson.  Miss me?  LOL  Carla

18 thoughts on “Online Class

  1. I am a student of this class, and if you’re thinking of signing up for the next one all I can say is DO IT! It’s great fun, and seeing what others are doing for their homework is great. Oh yes, and Teacher is great, and doesn’t get cross if your homework’s late!

  2. Yes Carla, I miss you. I hope your next session isn’t your last either. I would love to take it at a later date since I recently was laid off from my “day” job, I’ve been busy catching up with my quilting and looking for a job with benefits.

  3. I’m in the class too! Yeah!!!
    I haven’t had as much time as I would like do to school (Math, Accounting etc.) but I’m reading the message board and trying to draw.

    The class is great…..Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. I am taking the Quilt Whisperer class and, although I haven’t posted on the class discussion, I am loving the class!! It is so full of information and inspiration. I love reading what other students post and photos of their work and I LOVE all the videos of how you quilt. Carla, thank you so much for sharing. Your talent amazes me and encourages me to continue to practice. This class was a fabulous idea – highly recommend!!

  5. yes, I have missed you..but I DID sign up for the Jan. class, and in the mean time, I’m trying to be PATIENT….oh, and I walk around squinting at my quilts hoping that will help!…nothing yet…

  6. Thank you for all the nice comments! I still have one last lesson to finish and I also need to somehow do a video capture of me drawing and talking at the same time on a quilt. That is my goal, anyway. LOL

  7. Hi Carla!! It’s Jeanne… (aka, Jaybee)! This class totally rocks! I encourage anyone and EVERYONE who does any type of machine quilting to take the class…. it is SO WORTH IT!
    I have already learned so much! I started my quilting journal, and although this week is a bit crazier than I had anticipated with customer quilts, the holiday (and… cough, cough, my DH is on vacation and home here also!) I’m trying to keep myself up to date.
    The pace is perfect… and the format is more than I had anticipated… I love the videos, and the addition of the .pdf file? YAY!!!
    Anyway, just catching up on my blogs for the week, and wanted to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for everything you are sharing!

  8. Carla, you are the beginning of my day….I look to see what you’re up to now — I MISS YOU — I am so glad so many people are benefiting with your awesome expertise and creative spirit. In case I haven’t told you lately — one of the things I’m grateful for (not just at Thanksgiving but always) is YOU!!!

  9. Carla – the class is great. Have been so busy at my “real” job and customer quilts that I haven’t been able to do homework as I should. I just got to watch the videos from lesson 2 at the last night. Maybe once I get this last customer christmas quilt done I can work on some homework. I’m anxious to try that gel pen!!!

  10. Carla, have you ever shared what brand longarm you quilt on? Your machine seems to glide so easily in your Quilt Whisperer class videos – I’m jealous! At fast speeds, mine tends to begin “shaking” and really makes it difficult to create smooth quilting. I was curious if you would comment about which machine you work with.

  11. This class has EXCEEDED all my expectations. I’m surprised that Carla has time to eat. Your detailed and supportive responses to questions and postings is just amazing. A super class.

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