New Kindle!

My birthday will happen while we are on our trip, so I hit Joe up a bit early for a new Kindle.  It arrived yesterday, and I have already loaded it with my previous books, plus a dozen new ones.  Now I can carry 70+ books with me everywhere I go.

Before receiving the new Kindle for my birthday, I previously had downloaded the Kindle App for my iphone, and didn’t mind the small screen.  I finally converted to the larger Kindle when I saw they had one now that can work in the US and internationally when you travel.  I will actually download a book while on the boat, so that I can see how it works, and report back.

I love all my techno-gadgets!!!  My iphone, my kindle, my digital camera, video DVD recorder, several computers, I wonder how I lived without them all!  LOL

I am NOT, I repeat, not going to bring any of my computers with me on vacation.  I am unplugging from technology, well, except for my kindle and my camera.  As soon as I get out of the US, I will also put my iphone on airplane mode.  You do this to avoid some serious roaming charges.

When I get back from my trip, the countdown is on for my new class.  I will do some trial video uploads, and some file uploads to make sure everything run smoothly.  My online class is actually going to be slightly different than my “in-person” class, so I can’t wait to see how the students like the expanded class.  Probably the biggest honor I have been given is that several people who have seen me “live and in person” for this class have signed up for the online version.  How cool is that?

Off to get my driver’s license renewed, and pre-pack!  Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “New Kindle!

  1. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation! Thank you for your advice this summer on my health issues. Thanks to you, I was eventually able to determine the root causes and I am healing! Yay!

  2. Happy Birthday to you in advance. I can’t think of anything better than a sailing trip on your birthday. Have a wonderful relaxing trip. Call me when you’re back in town.

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