I can’t resist a visiting cow!  Here is a friend that decided to pay me a visit today:


I bet I am the only blogger who gets wandering cows on their lawn!  Moo-moo!

Whew, I was under deadline to send a fiber art round robin exchange I am taking part in.   I don’t want to reveal the theme- in case other swap members are looking.  Anyway, I finished it this morning, quilted it, then sent it on its way!


I wish I had more time, I would have sewn on coffee beans or beads.  Anyhow, it matches what the first person did, so I am happy.

Take care, Carla


7 thoughts on “Moo

  1. Oh how fun to have a cow on the lawn! Though I bet my dogs would lose their minds and my hubby might not like it when he went out to mow!

    Love that little piece! I love how you used the coffee steam as a quilting inspiration.

  2. That is really cute — I like the quilted steam off the coffee.

    I take it those big cows don’t scare you? I sat in an apple tree a long time when I was little because there was a big cow at the bottom and I was in the farmers orchard. :o}

  3. I love your cow visit; but I’ll do you one better…and bigger. Our neighbor lives about a mile from us. On occasion, her horses will get out and we look out our window to see them galloping toward our pasture. Its almost like the wild west!!

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