Getting Ready for my Vacation!!

Life is busy these days here at Feathered Fibers…. the long awaited bareboat trip to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is just a few days away!!  This is the reason why we took all those sailing lessons earlier in the year.

The term, “bareboat” refers to that you are chartering a boat without a licensed crew.  We first bareboated in the BVI 2 years ago with my sister and her husband, Dave and Yvette.  Dave and Yvette are professional captains on large motor yachts, so we bareboat chartered under their experience.

Yvette and Dave couldn’t come on this trip, instead they are traveling around Africa right now.  Joe and I still wanted to come, but we had to prove to the charter company that we had the education and experience to  not wreck their sailboat and land on a reef.  Hence all the sailing classes.

We actually had to write up resumes to send the company.  We were glad to learn that we passed muster.  So now all I have left to do is pack my bags, the snorkel equipment, sunscreen and coffee press.  Yes, you heard that right, I am bringing my favorite coffee press along, with some yummy Kona Coffee.  Vacation is not the same unless you have good coffee.

The trip to where the boat is at is rather lengthy.  First day, we fly to Miami, stay the night, then fly to Puerto Rico,  change planes for a ride to St. Thomas.  Grab the luggage, take a cab to the other side of the island, then take a ferry to the BVI.  Along the way, we have to get off the ferry, go through customs, then board the ferry again.  Once at the 2nd ferry dock, we again grab a cab to where the boat is docked.

Last time, we had a 44 foot catamaran, this time, we are trying out a 36 single hull Jeanneau.   You pre-order all your provisioning so that it is delivered when you get there.  Life is good.

Next year, Joe and I, and hopefully Yvette and Dave, will bareboat in the South Pacific.  Joe gets a sabbatical at his work, so this will be our big trip then.

Any other Bareboat charterers out there??

Fair weather and calm seas, Carla




10 thoughts on “Getting Ready for my Vacation!!

  1. How fun! My dad owns a fishing boat that he has on charter in Alaska. He’s making noises about moving it some winter to the Caribbean. That gets my vote. We vacationed on Virgin Gorda a few years ago. Very quiet. We loved it!

    • Isn’t Virgin Gorda sound lovely? The last time I was there we moored off at The Bitter End and then moved to Leverick Bay. Also visited the restaurant on Saba Rock. I bet you have good memories, too.

  2. I have bareboated with my family a million times, and then, as you know, got out on my own….it will be FABULOUS!!!! Jealous jealous jealous…though not of your voyage there…that sounds arduous at best. Should be utterly wonderful. oooooooooo…..

    • LOL, yes, you win the prize!! For those who may not know, Oreneta bought a sailboat and sailed it around the Bahamas for a few years….. and she did it with kids!! Joe and I want to do the cruising life when he retires….

  3. We bareboated in Maine last summer. We used to own a 40 foot sailboat and miss being on the water, but we now live inland, so we are thinking of getting a trawler that will work for being on the rivers near us. Have a fabulous and safe trip!

  4. I have bareboated a couple times on a large sailboat (40′-42′) but actually I was in learning mode. Our friend was the experienced captain and DH had experience sailing before on these charters.

    This brings back many great memories. I wish I had done it in the tropics, however. Instead, we would go up and about Vancouver Island all the way to the northern tip. BEAUTIFUL area…but rather cool even in mid-summer. 😉

    Have a marvelous time and be sure to keep a blog journal for us land-bound souls.

  5. I am glad I asked if anyone else had bareboated! See what I have learned- and just because I asked. Anne, I have been on a yacht delivery from Maine to FL, so I know how lovely the Maine coast is. The only annoying thing was all those blasted lobster pots we had to look out for! LOL

    Christine, lucky you! One day, I would like to go up there and sail around. It is so pretty, though cooler than the Caribbean.

    Thanks, Barb & Debbie!! Appreciate your comments!

  6. We bareboated in the BVIs in 1995–only a few years after we learned to sail and had our first boat. They make it very easy to do and all of the islands are close together. You’ll have a great time!
    BTW, we use the same coffee press on our boat! Skip also bought an Aeropress to make coffee/espresso/latte. It’s easy and works similar to the coffee press (but a lot smaller.)

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