Back Home!

Joe and I enjoyed our quick trip to AZ for the wedding!  It was a beautiful wedding, the groom was handsome, the bride very pretty.  We were very happy for them!   My son, Stephen, was  a groomsman, and he did a very nice job giving a toast to the couple.

What I enjoyed the most was the musical entrance to introducing the wedding party to the reception.  Starting with the Groom’s parents, they danced in,  a couple at a time.  Every couple tried to outdo the others, it was pretty funny.

I wore high heels, against doctor’s advice to the contrary, so after the wedding I am paying for being vain.  We suffer for our beauty, y’know?  LOL

It is nice to be home now.

While I am gone on my next trip with Joe, my birthday will have taken place in early November.  I have been wanting the new Kindle Book which you can use both in the US and International.  I thought it would be perfect for my trip to the Caribbean, right?  Joe agreed, so  it should be here on Tuesday! Woo-hoo!

I love to read- and typically read a couple of books per week.  I had been reading on my little iphone Kindle App, so the new screen will seem huge!   I will show you it when it arrives.

That’s all from here.  Hope your weekend was wonderful!  Carla


4 thoughts on “Back Home!

  1. Let me know about the Kindle, and if it is truly international. I looked into it at one point, but it is very difficult to use outside of the US and I would have to have a US bank account. If you love it, let me know, OK?? A friend here got a Sony e-book reader that she loves, and it works here too.

  2. I love my kindle!

    On my kindle 1, I can order books and get them on the computer if I am out of the country. Also, you don’t have to be connected to use it, only to download. You can download before the trip. I have so many books on mione that if I were gone for 2 months, i wouldn’t run out of things to read. I also LOVE the trial feature. If you think you want a book, download the trial and it will be on your Kindle to read the beginning.

    Have a great trip….you will love your kindle!

  3. The Kindle is supposed to arrive today!! woo-hoo!! C, will see if it works internationally…. I will try it next week and see if I get any horrendous roaming charges or not.

    Thanks for the tip, Megan!

  4. Carla – I love my Kindle, also! I haven’t tried it internationally yet, but will have a chance in a week and a half when we go to China and Southeast Asia. I have already loaded up enough books to last the trip, though. It is absolutely the best – enjoy!!

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