Class Filled, 2nd Class Added!

Hello everyone!!  Before I talk about what I am up to, I just wanted to thank everyone who signed up for my first online class!    The first class at MQ Resource is filled,  and so I agreed to do a second quilting class in January.

Here is a picture of some freeform quilting I did during this week’s video shoot.  This was my warm up- where I just turn the music on and just quilt:


Check out this pretty flower I saw last weekend when in the Bay Area.   This bush blooms this time of the year around the San Fran.  Bay, can anyone identify it??


Today, I took some time off from my class preparation to visit my favorite hair stylist, Mae, who also happens to be Rancher Ed’s daughter.  She made me beautiful again, fine tuning my natural blonde hair, and cutting it just right.  She is such a sweet person, she also agreed to watch the house and pets while I am on vacation, too.  What a friend!!

Don’t you just feel better when you go get your hair done?

Tomorrow, DH Joe and I fly to Phoenix, AZ for a friend’s wedding on Saturday.  I sure appreciate that the weather is lovely this time of year as I am so not a fan of 120 degree weather.

A shout out to my friend, Barb, who kindly sent me a box  of  selvage edges yesterday!!  I love selvage edges and what I can make with them!  Also,  another shout out to, who are helping me put together my student kit for a class next year.  This is a terrific site and I enjoy the support they give me.

Enjoy your day!!  Carla


11 thoughts on “Class Filled, 2nd Class Added!

  1. The quilting is fantastic. I have done a lot of machine quilting, but nothing like that. I don’t understand how the process works of teaching a machine quilting class on-line. How does a person get feedback or help? I am not a real techy person so how these things work is a total mystery to me. I would love to improve my skills and be able to make feathers and what you showed on this post. It is fantastic!

    • Hi Patty, Since this is my first online class, I will be learning about the details, too.

      The class has a private forum for all students. You may ask questions there, by the MQR private message system, or to my home email address. I will be monitoring them all closely during the 3 weeks of class to help out. There will also be a class online “chat,” too, and a place for students to place their homework or creative exercises that I give them.

      The class material is presented in a very visual way- with examples to go along with what I am teaching. In the quilting section, you will be able to see video shorts where I am quilting out some of my easy designs that I love to use.

      The 3rd class is my favorite- when I teach this class in person, I have the student bring along quilt tops so I may design for them on the spot. In the online class, I am also doing this, but students will need to send me quilt top images, then I will import the photos into photoshop and draw designs on them for instructional purposes.

      I am also experimenting with using a screen capture software to record while I am drawing, then speed it up during the video viewing. Working with video is new for me so I am pushing the limits of my computer knowledge LOL!

      Hope this answers your questions. regards, Carla

  2. Could you share with us what music you are listen to? I think I may need to add some new artist to my play list. LOL! Your quilting is beautiful. I wish I had a DSL connection so I could join your class.

  3. I’m looking for someone to do some custom quilting for me. To see the quilt, take a look at my latest blog post, or drop me an email and I’ll send you photos. Thanks!

  4. no doubt about it, you’re a wizz on that machine…love your freehand filler…wish i had time to play like that…I’m always bogged down with customer quilts…wouldn’t mind doing your class either, recon your’e onto something there…go for it…Ray

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