Quilt Whisperer Online Class

Wow, I am speechless (well, almost…LOL) with the overwhelming response to my online quilting class on Machine Quilters Resource.  Suzanne (site owner) will be counting numbers, but I do know that the class is very very closed to being full.   The website will let everyone know when they stop accepting sign-ups, all the details are organized by the site.  I just wanted to thank everyone who signed up and tell you how much I appreciate the faith you have in me as a teacher.

I have received questions from potential students in other countries. There are a number of international students in my class, I know, so if there is still an opening when you go to the site, MQR has a process for handling different currencies.  If you go to the site and have any questions, you can ask the site administrators.

Thank you, once again, for signing up- or expressing an interest in my class on quilting design.  I feel passionate about the subject and look forward to sharing my approach with everyone who signed up.    Hugs, Carla


10 thoughts on “Quilt Whisperer Online Class

  1. Congrats Carla! I’m not suprised at all by the response on your class. You are one “talented special Lady”. I have learned so much from you already. Thank you! Next, I think a book is in store. Hint! Hint! I would love one next to my LA.

  2. i am so glad your class is having such a great turnout! i was VERY tempted to sign up as well, but since i am not quilting for hire these days, i couldn’t justify the expense. (although the price is extremely reasonable!)

    it will be a blast to see what others will do after learning from one of the best. i especially love watching newbies stretch their boundaries.

    best of luck and have some fun!

  3. Carla, I am constantly amazed at your ideas and talent. I only hope you are able to pass some of it along to this NAT! (no artistic talent) 🙂 I’m not surprised at all by the response to the class unless it’s that it hasn’t filled up sooner!!

  4. I am so excited for this class, but after I registered, I realized I had never taken an online class, and how does it work? What do I have to do next?


    • Tamara, thank you for your question… the way it will work is this: MQR, after you sign up will send you my class handout, which has a quick overview of each lesson, plus my class supply list. It isn’t too lengthy, which I know students will appreciate.

      On Monday, Nov 16th, MQR will post my first lesson, open my class forum, and will send you an email with all the necessary details. There will be a weekly chat, that, too will be posted.

      Every Monday, MQR will post the next lesson. It is a 3 lesson class.

      The only pre-homework I ask for is for digitally savvy students to send me a quilt picture to use in Lesson 3. The benefit of this is that if you do it early, I may very well use it and draw you a bunch of designs for how I would quilt it- and why.

      I will also email you this answer. Thanks again, Carla

  5. Does a reply that we are interested in your Quilt Wisperer class count as a sign up or do we need to go somewhere else and actually sign up. Is there a link to an actual sign up page? Is there a cost to register?

    I am also confused about whether or not we need a drawing pad like the Wacom Bamboo or can we take the class without one.

    If it is needed for the Quilt Wisper Class, how do we see the class and also use the drawing pad at the same time on one computer. Am I getting confused between the Quilt Wisperer Class and the tablet class?


    • Hi Debi,

      I plan to teach 2 classes in the Fall of 2010-the Quilt Whisperer class and the High Tech Design course. To keep posted of the sign up date and registration, I am collecting addresses of those interested. For more info, just click on the class link at the top of the page above my header art.

      There will be a cost for each class. Again, the info will be laid out in great detail when I am ready to start registration. The supply list for the Quilt Whisperer class is a piece of paper, drawing tools and the option of uploading it and sharing your creative exercises homework with fellow students. Many post their work and some do not. That is left up to the individual student.

      The supply list for my High Tech Design class will require a tablet laptop or a tablet plug-in (like a Wacom) and Photoshop Elements 8. Details about this class will be posted on my class page after I teach the Quilt Whisperer class. You may also visit this post for a more current info than this post (dated in 2009).

      I hope this clears up some questions you have. If not, please leave me more questions here on my blog. Thank you for your interest.

      Regards, Carla

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