Impressed with PayPal’s Dispute Resolution

Every so often, I have to take time off from creative pursuits to deal with the details and glitches of life.  I decided to write this to share my experience with the PayPal dispute resolution system.  After all, what happens if I order something off the internet and it doesn’t arrive?

That scenario did happen to me recently, so I decided to give the PayPal system a chance.

Two months ago, I purchased online  a book from a sailing author/retailer and paid for it using PayPal.  When 2 weeks went by with no package in sight, I contacted the author directly and the games began.  Every email was different: yes, she mailed it was the answer one time, and then no, she needs my address again was the answer in another email.  No response to my request for a tracking number either.

Finally, after a month, a package arrived.  I opened it and saw it was the wrong book and not what I ordered.  So I contact the person yet again, and ask for the mistake to be corrected.  I also asked her to send me postage to cover the wrong book so she could have it back.  She responded back asking me to send her the book back and she would reimburse me.  Uhhh no… I don’t think so since her track record has been less than exemplary to date.  She can send the postage first.

I finally decided that enough time had gone by and the seller was not going to perform.  I looked on the PayPal site and saw they had a dispute resolution center for instances just like this.  It was simple to use and overall a very fair process.

Each side gets to state their perspective, with opportunity for evidence, if needed.  When the seller responded contradicting herself, first saying she had sent it and had a tracking number, then saying she wasn’t planning to ship it unless I dropped my claim and sent her the wrong book back first.  It also helped that the tracking number she provided to PayPal was bogus.

Today, I heard from PayPal that they ruled in my favor and was getting the monies refunded, plus I don’t have to send back the wrong item.  I also hope they go after this retailer/author since she is clearly unprofessional and restrict her account.

So now I feel better about buying things off the internet, and will continue to use PayPal as a great way to pay for items purchased.

Regards, Carla


18 thoughts on “Impressed with PayPal’s Dispute Resolution

  1. Good for you. I’ve had 2 experiences with PayPal’s resolution center and was pleased both times with the outcome. It certainly isn’t PayPal’s fault that some people do not have an honest bone in their bodies.

  2. I think I should have been a consumer advocate if I didn’t quilt and make things. LOL I actually enjoy advocating for myself in consumer rights issues like this.

    Every letter I wrote was very professional, which was in sharp contrast to the seller’s response. I always write with the long view that if the case should go to dispute or arbitration, then what I wrote- and how I said it- will speak volumes.

    I did discover that the seller changed her business name and now has a new account on PayPal. Can you guess what I did? Yes, I wrote PayPal and referenced the dispute claim, and informed them she now was selling with a new identity. LOL!

    Thanks for the support!

  3. I had an issue several years ago with someone making fradulent transactions on my account – around $400! It took only 2 emails and a few days and Paypal worked it all out.

  4. That’s good to hear as I frequently use Paypal.

    I’m about to have a fight with the hospital — they want me to pay an additional $350 that the insurance did not pay. I have NO co-pay when I go to the hospital and the hospital is supposed to accept whatever Blue Shield pays. I think sometimes they’re hoping for a person who will just pay it not understanding that they have rights and they can fight it — but oh what a pain!

    • Barb, look carefully at the contract between Blue Shield and the provider- which is the hospital. Often times the contract states that the provider must NOT bill the patient for any overage charges.

      The way I have dealt with this is to contact the insurance at a high enough level where they have the contract in front of them. Then, conference in the provider’s billing office. The insurance will deliver the news that the subscriber is not to be billed. Before we hang up, I also ask for this in writing, so that I can use it in the future.

      Good luck, Barb.

  5. Thanks for sharing this important story, Carla.
    You did the right thing and I salute you for it.
    From my experience, most merchants are decent but every barrel has a few rotten apples that spoil things for the rest.

    It’s good that Paypal has that mechanism and that it protects honest folks who just want to receive the goods they paid for.
    I hope that credit card companies will be as efficient in handling customer complaints.

  6. Thanks Carla
    I’ll try that. This is Catholic Health Care West who own all the Mercy Hospitals (which is where I went). They did this with my Mother-in-Law while my husband was in charge of her estate (before she passed away). They wanted $17K for 3 hrs in their Woodland Hospital (ALL other services were paid — the Dr.’s, the x-rays, the ambulance,etc)– so this is the price they wanted for JUST the bed– and they DID not bill Medicare and Blue Shield and said the insurance didn’t apply because it was a car accident! It took my dear husband 1 year to resolve this — many letters (they NEVER responded to letters) and many phone calls. JERKS! I may also complain to PERS who provides my insurance because they have the pull.

    • Mr/Ms Lies, no compensation for my post, only a happy customer that I wasn’t fleeced by a fraudulent online retailer.

      The process was fair. In the end, justice prevailed. Bottom line is that I will use Paypal again in the future.

      Thanks for your post. C

  7. they treated me horribly in my case. They refunded $ twice from the same transaction and then froze my account, wouldn’t let me take out my $, and then charged me an additional $20 to recoup credit card company costs for a refund that I had initiated that they decided to cancel. Unconscionable. I have an account over at Amazon now and have had n o issues.

  8. i had the same email stating it had gone in my favour, to only log onto paypal and see in the resolution centre that it had actually gone in the sellers favour. conflicting outcomes and still no idea if i one or not! and refuse to pay £1.50 a min to find out!! rubbish they are!!

  9. Kelly and L- my experience was over 3 years ago. Sounds like customer service has slipped since then. Could be I happened to get a good worker the time my case was resolved. Thank you for sharing! Carla

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