Drawing for Fiber Project

I am doing a group project with a bunch of fiber artists, and so every 2 months I will be creating a square based on individual themes.

To surprise the other recipients, I won’t share online my finished fiber piece, but I will share my working drawing:

FFcoffeebird copy

Been busy fine tuning my upcoming Online Class (registration begins on Oct 16th, I will post details for anyone interested when it gets closer).  To illustrate certain points, I have been drawing away.  Here is one example:

Carla FFMotif

Can you tell I enjoy sketching and drawing?  LOL

Enjoy your day, btw!  Hugs, Carla

8 thoughts on “Drawing for Fiber Project

  1. Carla I am very interested in the online class – can you tell us more about it? Is this a good class to take for those of us just starting out on freehand longarm machine quilting? Love the feather motif! Do you do that on your PC on do you have a sketchbook and do it by hand?

  2. I have an email reminder set up for your class!!! I hope I get in (do you have an ‘in’ with the instructor LOL) I need a creative diversion from school/internship/kids/work….



  3. Hi,
    At the risk of not sounding very intelligent – does the fact that the course is online mean that once you have subscribed to it you do the course at your own leisure and come back at any time to the material?

    • Hi Karen, no worries, basically, you sign up beginning October 16th. The first class starts on November 16th. The second class starts a week later, and the 3rd class is the following week.

      Students will have access to the course material of a certain time specified during sign ups.

      There will be a weekly chat, also a forum for students. I do have some creative exercises that students may post their results if they want.

      Fine details will be explained before sign up. The web site handles payment and details.

      Does that help? If not, just message or email me. Hugs, C

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