Bargello Quilt design revisited

A friend of mine belongs to a local group nearby.  Every year they put on a great quilt show, and I heard that one of my quilts was on display there.  I love to see old quilts that I have worked on in unexpected places.

Here is the “before” picture:


Here is the quilt design I drew for this quilt:


I changed thread to fit each area.  It was extra work, but the quilt called for it.

Here is the center of the quilt during the quilting:


And the finished quilt:


I hope you have enjoyed seeing the before, during and after for this quilt.  This was a fun pattern to quilt.

Quilt Design Class

On October 16th, registration opens for my Quilt Whisperer online class at MQR (Machine Quilter’s Resource).  This will be my first foray into teaching online, so I am really looking forward to it.

11 thoughts on “Bargello Quilt design revisited

  1. Hi, I am new to quilting and just jumped right in and have had no classes. I know how to “sew in the ditch” thanks to a magazine “Learn How to Quilt”. But I love these quilting designs and wonder how ya’ll do it? I know or at least think I know that you use a long arm machine, but is this something that you freehand or is there a way to set your machine to do this? I feel stupid for asking but have to know.

    Hello, thanks for your comment and curiosity. People quilt using all sorts of machines, by hand, and some even use a robot system. I freehand quilt using an A1 Longarm- which is hand guided by me. Let me know if you have any more questions and I would be happy to answer them. Regards, Carla

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