Apple Hill and Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was a beautiful Autumn day here in Gold Country.  First we went to Apple Hill, where you can get wonderful fresh apples, apple donuts, fritters, etc.  The crowds were out, and business was brisk.  We were thinking that more people are doing stay-cations like this- due to the economy.


Part 2 of our day involved taking Jack to the pumpkin patch.  Of course, I had camera in hand, though the lighting was too bright and not cooperating:



It was a nice weekend and the weather kindly cooperated.  I thoroughly enjoy Autumn and all that means.

What did you do??  What do you enjoy doing in the Fall?


10 thoughts on “Apple Hill and Pumpkin Patch

  1. Very cute pictures. Jack is very color-coordinated with the fall colors. I have not gone to Apple Hill in years, but liked going once the weather was considerably cooler. I went there one year when it was about 90 degrees and it just didn’t seem right. Do they still have mile-high apple pies? I still remember those and now feel the urge to make a special trip to get one! I do remember, too, that the crowds could get quite large. When my boys were small I used to take them to the pumpkin patch near the (old) Nut Tree. Do you remember it?

  2. I LOVE apple hill!
    We used to go all the time when we lived in Sacramento.
    I have many pictures of my daughter when she was very little.

    My favorite was Bodhaine orchards. They have the BEST sour cream apple pie ever. You can buy them frozen, so someone usually gets one if we are there in the fall.

    Jack is truly adorable!

  3. Fall is my all time favorite season! For the colors and PUMPKIN PIE!

    Jack’s a cutie – but you know that already.


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