Clean Studio

I was dared to show the “before” picture of my messy studio, so here it is:

messy studio

Can you say, “piles?”   LOL  It was cluttered, dusty, and needed some thorough organization work!

Here is the after pictures:

cleanstudio overall

I love the colors in this next picture.  The 2 small paintings are by Terri Stegmiller, mixed media artist.  I love to collect small work by other artists:


clean studio 1

Check out my behind the door storage for lots of odds and ends:

behind the door storage copy

My desk:


And part of one wall showing my silly sock creature, some paintings, and a print by the oh, so talented Geninne:


There you have it!  The studio is clean now, but I still need to put up a few more organization items on the walls for magazines, stencils, etc.

14 thoughts on “Clean Studio

  1. I have followed your blog for quite a while but this is my first time leaving a comment. Carla, your quilting is absolutely stunning and so very inspiring. I LOVE reading your blog. As for the before and after shots of your studio, I must say I feel soooo much better now to see that a messy studio is quite common with other quilters, even with you! I think I will go clean up now too…Thank you for sharing a bit of your world.

    • Maria, so glad you de-lurked and left a comment!! Don’t be shy in the future. I love receiving comments!!

      I will share you a secret- my studio is messy every time I get creative. LOL

  2. Alright! There is something that Carla does that I can do….make a messy studio!!! LOL

    I so envious of all that bright natural lighting. I have 2 small windows. One has the air conditioner in it and the other does let in enough light. I’m happy I even have a studio!

    Karen A.

  3. I am sooooo impressed. Mine actually looked worse than yours — there was stuff all over the floor so you could barely walk thru it. It was so bad that I didn’t want to go in there. Loved the “after” pictures — what a difference — you inspire me. I am so going to get one of those organizers for the back of my door — what a brilliant idea (I have one for my shoes on my bedroom closet but never thought of using it for stuff in the quilting room). I am part way thru my overhaul of the room (partly because my sewing machine is in the repair shop) — so this is a good thing!!

  4. I love it that you showed before, and I adore it that you have a yellow rubber ducky!


    (that must have taken a while….hope you put your feet up afterwards and had your, erm, beverage of choice, when all was said and done.

  5. I love taking a peep into other quilter’s studios. It is amazing how we make the most of the space we have. I love the idea of the organiser behind the door – I must go and get one.

  6. Good job!! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to stand in the doorway and “survey” the studio with everything neat and tidy. Gives me a sense of peace in a chaotic world. Now if I could just figure out how to sew a project and not have my room look like your before photo by the time I’m done… LOL

    • LOL Terri! Your paintings brighten up my space and inspire me. It also reminds me I need to get my act together and start making things to sell.

      Yes, the pear is wearing a felted wool thingie that Teesha Moore gave out at an early ArtFiberFest. It just seemed to match, y’know?

      Take care, carla

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