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I didn’t realize that Flickr has a wonderful slideshow feature.  Now that I have used it, I really like how it displays my various quilts and other works.  The black background really sets off the pictures.  Here are the slideshow links to my various work:

Complete Gallery:

Quilting Gallery:

Jewelry Gallery:


One of the classes I will be teaching at International Machine Quilting Showcase   (in Kansas City) next year is Freeform Beading and Quilting.  Here is the class project, which is a beginner beading class and open to all students:


Right now, I am working with to put together the kit needed for this project.   The kit will include a quilted bag, a beading mat, and all the beads required in order to complete this lovely bag.   I’m sure I may add other items, but that is my list for now.

I will also have some examples where I used freeform beading on my quilts and other quilty projects, too.  I hope to see some blog readers in class, so I may finally meet you in person!

Enjoy your day!  Carla


5 thoughts on “Gallery Slideshow

  1. Congratulations on teaching at MQS this spring – your classes sound very exciting. I hadn’t thought I would go, but your classes are just the kind of thing to make me change my mind. I would love to soak up some of your creative guiding.

  2. WOW! I went thru the whole Flickr show of the quilts — this is fabulous! It really showcases your work and what a fun thing to have a slideshow — it’s like having a quiltshow on your computer.

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