Jury Notice

A few weeks ago, I received a jury notice, something that is beginning to turn into an annual event.  Last year, I served on a jury trial, so I feel like I did my part, right?  Apparently not, according to my local Court system.

The trial last year involved a guy who liked to reveal himself in all his glory- in a successful attempt to be master of his domain.  I know this because of the photo evidence… gross.  We (the jurors) found him guilty.

So I received my summons and waited for today’s date.   I had one way out, that is if our jury pool is excused for some reason, perhaps the case was settled.  After 5:00 pm, you can go online and see.  So I did this and was happy to see I was excused!!  Yes!!!

Of course, they may send me another one next year.

There is one case I do NOT want to be picked for when it is tried in the future.  The Garrido case (the guy who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard and kept her for 18 years) jurisdiction is in my county, and so I will keep my fingers crossed that I do not receive another jury summons when it is tried, probably years from now.


Now that I don’t have to be at the Courthouse at the crack of dawn, I think it is time to clean and organize my studio.  It is so disorganized that I cannot find anything these days!    I have a tendency to just toss things when I am in creative mode- which makes the mess greater.  I also need to put up more storage ideas that I have for the studio.


Last up, I have a request for all you quilters out there.  In your quilt business, or making quilts, what thematic quilts do you most often see?  Here is my list and I am hoping to see if your list is different:

Cultural quilts (Asian, Islamic, Egyptian, etc.), Western Theme, Astro/planets, floral/garden theme, Historic quilts (Civil war, Art Nouveaux, etc), patriotic quilts, Christmas quilts, Valentine, Thanksgiving and other Holidays,  Mountain Cabin/woods,  sea/ocean, kid quilts, star quilts, pets, airplane, birds, insects and animals,  food, drink, leaves.

Please post if you have a category that is different from the above.  Thank you for your help on this!

Hugs, Carla

9 thoughts on “Jury Notice

  1. Living here in rural Nebraska might be the reason we don’t have many cultural quilts being made – we just don’t have cultural diversity in the population here. I would say most of the quilts being made are traditional designs but more art quilts are being made all the time.

  2. Carla,
    In my county, if you serve on a jury you are exempt from serving for another 4 years. If you are summoned (because the computer that randomly picks names doesn’t know who has served and who hasn’t), you call and tell them that you served on xx/xx/xx and you are automatically excused. Find out if that’s the case with your county and you can get out of the next one.

  3. Hi Carla,

    I also served some jury duty time a while ago – in our system (Ontario – Canada), you’re ‘on duty’ for a three-week period. Which can mean, and did for me, that I had to sit on a second trial after the first one finished up.

    The first case I sat on involved a foster dad who had been accused of sexually abusing their foster boy … we actually ended up a hung jury, and he was found not guilty at his next trial.

    The second case was a fraud – a nephew defrauding his elderly aunt. That one resulted in a guilty verdict.

    My lesson from the service – I don’t ever want to be in court … on either side!

    One of the types of quilts I am planning is a stained glass quilt – some of these just absolutly sparkle. I also really like the bargello style – especially when there is a complex cross-over pattern.

  4. Wow, Linda, I would certainly say you have done your civic duty! Btw, commenter Oreneta is also from Ontario originally, too, but now lives in Spain.

    My youngest son received a jury summons, but he lives in a different county and happens to be autistic, albeit high functioning. I wrote a nice letter on his behalf, stating both reasons, and he was excused, too.

    Thank you for all your replies! Carla

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