Glass Pendants

I made both of these pendants as an experiment yesterday:

front pendants

Here’s the back:

pendants back Click for a larger view

I wanted to experiment with this easy technique before I do more of them or use them in some larger pieces. Looking at the back view, I still need to clean up and polish the silver bail on the green one.

Quilted Tip:

I also delivered back Candy’s quilt so she can finish off the edges.  Here is a good view of it finished, laying on my guest bed:


I quilted the piano keys on this quilt very tight.    Why did I do this?  This was so Candy could trim the quilt edge any way she wanted to bring more interest to her quilt.

Which brings me to a quilting tip.  Sometimes, details are worth the extra effort.  See where there is color changes in the border?   I used 2 different color thread for each area, so this meant I needed to switch thread colors at the split:

thread change

In the dark area, I used dark thread and in the light area, I used light thread.  I have a nice transition between the two areas with no build up of thread at the transition point.  I prevented the build up of starts and stops by tieing off and burying the thread ends.  (Btw, sorry my photo is a bit blurry)

Yes, this took longer, but it was worth it to get the look I was after.  To recap, my tip is to not forget the small details in your quilting.

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

19 thoughts on “Glass Pendants

  1. It must have taken you forever with all that changing thread. The result was worth it — what a great touch. Fabulous quilt and quilting.

  2. Beautiful pendants! All I know about jewelry making I have learned from your blog…and what I know is – I love the things you make!

    BTW you are a better woman than I burying all those threads!

  3. Ok, ok okokokokok….


    What on earth am I going to do?

    The glass pendants? You just whipped those off today? No background woman? HOW did you make those? They are stunning!!!!!!

    And, just so you know, you will never ever ever have any competition from me in a quilting contest. I stand in awe of your willingness to sweat the details. I so could never imagine changing the threads on every one of those lines and burying the threads (or whatever). You earn those rewards hon.

    I am so impressed.

  4. That is the most stunning quilt and quilting! It must have taken forever changing thread, however, I guess sometimes you have to go that little bit extra. Well done.

  5. Love the quilting (and quilt)!! Those glass pendants are wonderful as well. Oh, to have time to do fun stuff…I’ll just keep coming here and get my ‘fix’….it is addicting but in a good way!



  6. I just love the “detail” on that quilt!!! Wow, you must be one very patient lady……… don’t know if I could do the same. But then I don’t have quilts going into shows…………. great work, and the pendants are gorgeous. I love visiting your work, and can’t wait for the next project. Well done.

  7. Cool pendants. No idea how you make those but they are sure eye candy.
    How funny that I did not notice the thread change. My eye made the adjustment at the transition and I just kept going. Very nice. Thank you for the tip.

  8. Could you please share what kind of batting you used on this quilt? It is beautiful and your talent is inspiring! Oh, and could you also tell me what computer tablet you use to “draw” your quilt desings on the photo of the quilt. Love that idea! Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Janet, let me see if I can remember this… Quilters Dream Batting for the bottom layer and a poly blend for the 2nd layer. It was going to be wool, but the piece provided was not large enough.

      I like using 2 batts for some quilts- it all depends on the quilt.

      Thank you for posting a comment! Carla

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