Thought  I would post pictures of my Wednesday Work-in-Progress (WIP).

First up is a finished picture of Candy’s quilt.  This one was on my machine table for a long time, and it was recently juried in to Pacific International Quilt Fest:


I am still burying threads on this one.  When I first started quilting, I told myself that life was too short to bury threads.  I got away with this for many years.  Finally, I came around to the other side and will now admit that sometimes- and in some situations, yes, burying is needed.

I appliqued a leaf block today using some of my favorite colors:


That’s all for this Wednesday!!  Hugs, Carla

15 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Carla, your quilting is gorgeous, as always, and I LOVE your little applique’d leaf! I must admit I’m jealous of the time you are able to spend on your art … seems I haven’t found even an hour lately. I’ll have to make do with visiting your blog for inspiration!

    • There are no ignorant questions…. remember all the questions I had about your Bahamian Adventure on your boat?

      The first step in quilting is to bring the bobbin thread up on top. Next you stitch. You also bring the bobbin thread up at the end of the stitching. That leaves you with long threads to deal with later.

      I have a package of easy threading needles. They have an opening at the top for you to snap the threads into. I tie a surgeon’s knot to secure the thread, insert the needle into the middle layer of the quilt and “pop” the knot down inside the quilt. It is tedious work, especially if you have a gazillion starts and stops.

  2. As always, your quilting is stunning! When do you bury threads? I bury all of mine and it takes forever on some designs; I’d love to know when I could skip that step!

    • Emma, My decision to bury on a quilt has to do more about if it is a show quilt rather than a functional one.

      If I can hide the start in a seam, I will do so. But if you are starting away from a seam or hiding point, Then I bury.

      Does that help you out? The quilt above has tight piano keys quilted at the edge of the border, so I need to bury.

      Each quilter has their own threshold for if and when they bury. Some never bury threads and others do all the time or more readily.

      Thank you for stopping by…. Carla

  3. Carla, Do you ever sleep??? I think not. Your quilt is beautiful and I LOVE your appliqued leaf. It looks like you did it in many small pieces almost resembles reverse applique. Your colors are right up my alley too. Is this going to be the beginning of another stunning quilt? I love watching to see what you will come up with next.

    Congratulations on being a grandma AGAIN. Way to go.

  4. Love, love, love the colors of your leaf, do you need anymore of the periwinkle blues, I have loads of them from my travels on my last applique quilt LOL and of course I have some greens if you are in need…. Gorgeous feathers in the aubergine and cream quilt….. Hope you are feeling better everyday

  5. First, fabulous quilting!! So beautiful — quilting DOES make the quilt. Congrats on a new granddaughter — girls are so much fun — all the dresses and hats and frilly cute stuff.

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