Good News!

On Monday, I babysat Jack so that his mom and dad could go get an ultrasound on the new baby to be.  Yes, they are expecting Baby #2, my second grandchild!!  Of course, I was rooting for a little girl, since I had visions of baking cooking, creating arts and crafts, and buying frilly dresses.  The ultrasound showed it is, in fact, a GIRL!!  Woo-hoo!

I have been busy playing catch up on all my projects- some I have mentioned before (beading project for, class development, etc.)  and a few I haven’t mentioned before.  I was invited to join a very talented group of fiber artists in a collaborative project- a fiber round robin of sorts.   Right now, I need to choose a theme, then execute a 8×8 inch piece for the theme.  Then I mail it to the next artist on the list.

I also heard that 2 quilts I have worked on were juried into Pacific International Quilt Fest.  One was entered by Barb and one by Candy.  I’ll be crossing my fingers….

I recently learned that I will be teaching 3 classes at International Machine Quilting Showcase in 2010.  I’ll share more when the class catalog is published.

Enjoy your week!  Carla


10 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Wow – you have all sorts of good news don’t you! Congrats on the baby girl grandchild! Yahoo!!!

    I say – come teach at MQX – then I can meet you in person.

  2. Congratulations Carla!

    Grandkids are so more fun than raising your own kids… Shhh… But they are! Lucky you, a boy and a girl! Have fun doing all the girly stuff. Give her a few years and she will be right next to you helping with all your projects.


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