Jack photos, Joseph, & a book recommendation

Jack Photos– Here are some pictures of my grandson, Jack, that I took last weekend when he stayed overnight.  He is growing up quick!




Joe introduced Jack to the joys of frosted shredded wheat cereal.  That is what he is munching on above.  Jack also loves to give random smiles, can you tell?

Joseph– Youngest son, Joseph, came home for a quick visit.  He loves where he is living now- in Concord, CA.  Joseph is a handsome young man who happens to have autism (high functioning).  I located for Joseph a wonderful supportive program for adults with similar challenges so that he may live independantly.   This is a model program  that has all the clients live independantly in their own apartments, and all of their needs are met in the building next door.  I cannot speak highly enough about CAL- Center for Adaptive Learning- and the staff.

Book Recommendation– If you want to read more about this program, the clinical director, Nancy Perry, wrote a book titled, “Adults on the Autism Spectrum Leave the Nest.”


I have high respect for Nancy, the best praise I can say is that she really understands autism and the impact on individuals  diagnosed with this condition.   I highly recommend her book if you have a child, teenager, or young adult with an autism spectrum disorder.

Enjoy your weekend!  Carla


13 thoughts on “Jack photos, Joseph, & a book recommendation

    • Joseph had his wisdom teeth out, so I was being mom-nurse. It was a nice, albeit short visit. He was eager to get back to where all his friends are.

      It does our hearts good to see him so happy!!

  1. The pictures of Jack’s smiles reminds me of my kids when they were that young…huge smiles abound! How can someone not want to smile in return to those cute faces?

    Thank you for the update on Joseph! I’ve been meaning to write to inquire about his new ‘digs’. Its wonderful that he is loving his new environment.

    Life is busy here…we’re all back to school and my internship has started as well. Very interesting and very draining at times…it’s great! Too bad there is not more hours in the day.

  2. Jack, what an adorable grand he is. I love that first photo – there is mischief in those eyes.

    Is Joe the young man (lolling on the sofa) I met when I came up there for your class? How wonderful that you both have found a place that he loves. My boys are grown and gone, too. But I do love a visit every chance I get.

  3. Carla, Jack is sure a beautiful little boy. He will definitely break a few hearts with that smile and gleam in his eyes. Wish I had a grandchild. Maybe in my next life. Enjoy him while he’s little. Before you know it, he will be graduating from college and getting married. Dar

  4. Wow! Look at that little sweetheart. He is absolutely adorable. Enjoy your time with him.

    I’m sure you are proud of all your children but Joseph’s success must be especially rewarding to you. You are blessed.

    Enjoy ever moment of the journey!

  5. The joys of little boys, especially adorable grandsons, my grandson lost his first tooth today, eating yogurt LOL…..

    Enjoy him, he has grown up so fast, it will be fun to see how he handles a new baby sister……

    Take care….. Hugs

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