Guild Show results

I quilted this quilt not too long ago for my friend, Nancy, that lives in North Carolina.  I showed it here on the blog after I finished, but will post it again to refresh your memory:

nancy last border

nancyfinish 2

Nancy called me today to let me know that it earned a blue ribbon and a best machine ribbon in her Burke County Guild show.    Woo-hoo!  Congrats to Nancy and I!  But here is the funny part, they placed it into the “Digital” quilted category, it appears as a computerized quilted quilt.  LOL!!  My work is hand guided-similar to drawing with a pencil on paper.  No computer machine here.

Now, there is nothing wrong with well done computer quilting, by the way.  In fact, if I had an extra 10-15k lying around I might even buy one.

I guess that is, in its own way, praise.  Anyway, I am happy for Nancy, who is a lovely person, and I love to quilt for her.  That is where my joy comes from- quilting for someone who appreciates what you do.

Any thoughts, dear blog readers??


23 thoughts on “Guild Show results

  1. Since it’s a real struggle for me to get my free-motion quilting to look good, I’d take it as a compliment that they thought your quilting was done by a computer!

  2. Congrats! I think your work is fabulous and because it’s so beautiful, people can’t believe it was hand-guided. I’d choose to take that as a compliment! 😉

    Enjoy your continued success!

  3. Congrats, Carla! It seems to me that the entry form would have a computerized category. If not, then they should have verified with the quilt owner that the quilt was indeed quilted by computer.

    Anyway, it’s still a blue ribbon and that may be even better considering the judges saw such perfection!!!

  4. You work is so good they couldn’t believe it WASN’T computer generated to be so perfect. :o} What a beautiful quilt and fabulous quilting congratulations to you both. Do you have a picture of the whole quilt? I’d love to see it.

  5. Speaking as a “digitized” LA quilter from the UK, I think you should take it as a compliment. I also think it is good that they have the different categories, since both digital and freehand quilting are wonderful, but they do require very different skills, and that should be recognised. Here in the UK the show organisers are only just getting to grips with the differences between hand and machine quilting! Hey ho, I’ll get off my (quilted) soap box now.

    Both the quilt and the quilting were beautiful and the award was well deserved.

  6. I hope they don;t disqualify now that they know you didn’t use a computer… I wonder if they think that using a stencil qualifies a quilt being done with a computer??? Funny, I am amazed how many little quilt show and fair judges are not educated in the modern day quilting, and I quilt for one, she is getting a good education and teaching other judges as she travels to other venues… Isn’t life fun, congrats Carla…

  7. I couldn’t quilt as well as you can even if I had a computer!! Your work takes my breath away and turns me green with envy. I’m saving up my $$ to take a class with you next year. Can’t wait. Congratulations on your blue ribbon. It is well deserved.

  8. Carla, The quilting is gorgeous! I also had a customer win an award on a quilt here in NC and the judges thought it was computerized quilting. The quilt won Best Machine Quilting for that show as well as a 1st place ribbon for my customer. They asked me if I would be interested in quilting their charity quilt for the coming year and I agreed. They asked for a visit to my studio. I agreed. I knew they wanted to see my computerized machine. They in fact did ask where the computer was when they came in the door. They were surprised to find that my machine was not decked out with one. Made me feel all warm and toasty on the inside.

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