Video shoot

I am finally spending some quality time with my new video camera.  My goal is to video my quilting to show you some tips here on my blog and for my classes.  I am also developing some new classes with both a powerpoint and video feature.

I love all the latest technology!  Video editing software, my iphone and all those gazillion apps, my tablet pc, and my everyday computer, which is a Macbook.  Hmmm… well maybe not my Apple laptop.  My Macbook is only about 8 months old, yet my DVD drive is already broken.  What is up with that?  I thought that Macs are supposed to be more reliable than PCs?

My beloved tablet PC, which is a laptop with a tablet built in so I can draw right on the screen with a stylus, is on its last leg.  I really need a new one, but rumor has it that apple is coming out with a super tablet style machine, so I will see if this comes true.  If not, then I may break down and get another tablet PC.

Why do I need a tablet laptop?  That is how I design my quilts, my quilting designs, my illustration and all my cartoons.   Here is a sample potential wholecloth drawing done with my tablet:

carla show quilt copy

Other news:  We thoroughly enjoyed having Jack overnight this weekend.  He was adorable, funny, and entertaining.  Grandchildren melt your heart, that’s for sure!

Happy Labor Day, by the way.  September is here once again, I love Fall and the change in seasons.  Carla


7 thoughts on “Video shoot

    • Hi Quilt Sue, I find that drawing on my tablet laptop screen to be easier. If you make a mistake, you simply erase it. You can also create a new layer, then if you do not like what you have drawn, you drag the layer to the trash.

      My problem comes when I lose my special stylist! I finally got wise and just ordered a bunch.

      Thank you for your comment!

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of videos and classes you’ll offer for long arming, Carla.

    You do realize you can get a stand alone tablet you can just hook up to any pc or Mac via usb port, right? If you have an Apple protection plan, I would think they’d fix that dvd player for you given that your Macbook is still so young. I once had an extended plan, and right before it ended it saved me 500 dollars in repairs on a logic board!

    • Hi Beena, my husband bought me the professional tablet to go with my new mac. The image is not displayed on it, you must look at the screen and then draw on the tablet. This set-up is very awkward, especially if you are used to drawing right on the picture itself.

      Yes, my DVD is still under warranty. I called my local Apple store and learned how they do their Genius appointments. We discovered this when we tried to install the new Leopard OS.

      Thanks for the nice comments!

  2. Love the whole cloth design. You are definitely head and shoulders beyond me — into the tech stuff. I’m impressed as usual.

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