I am gearing up to start decorating my various rooms… first up will be my great room.  Here is a “before/in progress”  picture take this morning:


As you can see, I love having a neutral palette, I find it very soothing.  I may bring a bit more color on a few select walls, but nothing too jarring or wild.   When I picked all my big ticket items such as the travertine floor, leather sofa and chair,  rug, etc. I intentionally choose more neutral items so I could bring in more color with the use of fabric, accessories, etc.   When I tire of the more vivid colors, it will be easy to change them out.

My friend, Marge, is helping me with the valances and pillows.  We are planning to visit some large fabric warehouses so I may pick my fabrics.   Picture valances across the top of the windows, no need for any further window treatment.  We have complete privacy on top of our hill, so why cover up the view?  I also installed a special UV windows to protect my furniture, quilts and framed art when I initially built the house.

I love accessories, and lean towards a pottery barn kind of style.  In fact, this magazine rack came from Pottery Barn and visitors always comment on it.  Ususally, it has a mixture of Joe’s taste (Atlantic Monthly, Blue Water Sailing) and mine, but for this photo, I took it over completely:

magazine rack

Here is another corner that I like, but it is outdated.  I do like the globe (Joe’s Christmas present last December from me), my quilt (the very first machine quilted one I ever completed), the chair (a consignment store find during my staging days), and the antique quilt on the chair (made by Joe’s Grandmother):


I plan on designing some quilts to replace the one above, also a different one for the opposite side of the fireplace.    I would also love to purchase two lower pieces of furniture to fit the space on both sides and would provide more storage.  I don’t like a lot of clutter, probably a reaction to how cluttered my  studio is right now.. LOL!

All the artwork will be my own, so I will probably paint one or two especially for the room, in addition to the quilts or other fiber art.  See how my “to-do” list is rapidly growing?  LOL

I find I get in these “nesting” modes from time to time.  Luckily, Joe does not care what I do, he gives me free rein to create a livable space.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!  We visited our daughter last night to see her new home and take her all the boxes.  Today, Jack comes over for his first overnight visit with us.  Take care, Carla


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