Another Cartoon

This is another quilting cartoon- as yet unfinished- dedicated to all the die hard quilters who read my blog:


This rough sketch cartoon was inspired by one of those yuppie mobiles with all the stickers for the various family members on the rear window.  It only stands that this is what a true blue quilter’s back window should look like.  LOL


8 thoughts on “Another Cartoon

  1. I’m going fabric shopping tomorrow — need some R/R — not that I need more fabric but JR is having a sale and I love their stuff!

  2. Your home reno post appeared on my reader, but not on your blog…..I am going to end up with a home reno blog I suspect, how to keep that interesting…we get the house next Tue and I have a meeting with an architect tonight. (we got in yesterday. I am certifiable I think). How not to make it boring though!

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