Happy Friday!


The above picture was taken on my last trip to Hawaii,  sand makes a lovely doodle board, doesn’t it?

My vacation this year is now all organized!  One 36 foot sailboat rented, 2 airplane flights booked, also one ferry ride, and one hotel arrangement made. It is time to put into practice all those sailing lessons we have taken this summer, so we will have 10 days to travel around the British Virgin Islands by ourselves.  We will visit deserted beaches,   snorkel,  and yes,  just relax!

Last time I visited the BVI, we chartered a 44 foot catamaran.  This time, we decided to just charter a smaller monohull sailboat- a Jeaneau 36i.  This gives us a chance to test drive a new boat to see how we like it.  Eventually, we will be buying a boat to go cruising, buy not until after retirement.  we are in no hurry.

I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do, the last virus I had really zapped my strength.  I am back creating once again, so watch out for some new work to be shown.

Today is the day my cleaning gal comes, have I told you how much I love having her come??  Rachel is a friend of a friend, and does a great job of cleaning my house 2x per month.  I noticed it was quiet when she was here, so I made her a custom itunes playlist so she can enjoy music while she works.  I know she appreciates this.

Jack update!  Joe and I babysat Jack last Saturday night so my son and his wife could go out.  This weekend, we are planning our first overnight stay, so I cannot wait!  Jack is at a very fun age and is so adorable!

Hope you enjoy the coming holiday!  Anyone doing something fun?  Hugs, Carla

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Going to the State Fair to see the quilt exhibit. A/C went dead last night — hope somebody wants to earn some $$ today and we can get someone out here. Finishing up the quilting on my Mini Challenge (yes Carla I am struggling thru quilting it myself — those are the rules :o} — definitely a challenge!)

    Glad you’re feeling better Carla

  2. Glad you are feeling better and back to creating…. Your trip sounds wonderful and well deserved…. Aren’t grandbabies the BEST ever, I love watching them grow into their own little personalities….. As for the weekend, painting will get done, storage units will get installed, I will again reclaim my home with a new look and hopefully a new outlook for me, say goodbye to beige and hello to WOW!….. Enjoy your weekend and time with Jack

  3. Hi, Carla! Glad you are feeling better. I am recovering myself from what was probably the H1N1. Feeling a million times better than last week, but I know just what you mean about being zapped. It takes time to come back.

    I envy you, that you found a cleaning woman. Someone could make a full career out of cleaning up after my teenage son!!!!

    Your upcoming vacation sounds amazing. Have a good weekend with Jack!

    Also, love your sand doodle and will be on the lookout for new creations from you!

  4. Oh, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a cleaning person! Two things I’d really like right about now is a dishwasher (not named Karen) and a cleaning person (also not named Karen). Sounds so heavenly.

    Have a wonderful time with Jack and I look forward to seeing more pictures of whatever it is you are creating.



  5. Carla, Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I miss seeing your creations and being inspired to try some of them.

    Lately I’ve been bitten by a bug too — the selvage bug. Finished up a tote (pattern from McCall’s Oct. issue) and am working on a quilt. Will send you pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend with Jack and looking forward to more of your great projects. Darlene S

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