Pearl Pendant

I finally finished my pearl project, I am pleased to report!  My challenge was to create something original with this lovely strand of pearls I got from ArtBeads: Pearls

I decided to make a pendant piece which I could wear this winter:

CarlaPearl Pendant

The finished pendant necklace just glows with ambient lighting.  I used just five of the pearls as my focal point for the pendant.  3 strands of Japanese delica beads surrounding each pearl to add interest, and the peyote stitching adds to the overall piece, as well as functions as a beaded bail.  I purchased a strand of smaller olive pearls to use as the necklace.


This is a beginner’s beading project, by the way.  All you need is a quick lesson in flat peyote in order to create it.  There is an elegence in the simplicity of the pendant, I believe.

Longtime Blog readers have noticed that I support the last few months.  That is because I am honored to be a part of the Blogging Designer’s program for the ArtBeads blog.

My first Project I designed for this program was the quilted and freeform beaded bag with the lovely copper enamel pendant.  My next project will feature some Swarovski Crystals that I showed the other day.   I love the challenge to create something original using a variety of materials.

Keep watching to see what I make for my next ArtBead challenge!  Hugs, Carla

23 thoughts on “Pearl Pendant

  1. Stunning!!! All of your beading work is gorgeous – but this one is my favorite – at least until I see your next piece.

  2. You have got to be kidding — a beginner project??? I love this one — it’s so beautiful!!! I have beads but have done nothing but simple one-strand necklaces and a few earrings. You are just beyond belief. :o}

  3. Yes, a beginner’s project. Barb, if we sat down together and I showed you, you would see how easy it is to create.

    Thank you, Carol, Vicki and Barb!

  4. Wow, that looks great! I never tried beading before but looking at your work and the links in your post I would love to try it. But I am afraid I don’t have the time for another hobby…😦

    Beatrice in Germany

  5. Love the overall shape, and the 3 strands of beads over the pearls are GORGEOUS! They just look so right together.

    Just based on my personal aesthetic, a basic ultra long pearl necklace with the 3-strand treatment would be KILLER.

  6. Yes, I hold you fully responsible for the huge order of swarovskis I placed the other night! Those cosmic rings are gorgeous, even though I have not the slightest idea what I will do with them yet – other than admire! I expect they’ll eventually end up on a quilt.

  7. Carla, The pendant is simply beautiful. I have not done any jewelry making, although my friends have tried to encourage me to try. I was not much interested UNTIL I SAW YOUR PENDANT. Now THAT is something I would wear. Most of what I see around here is not something I would wear. I’m a winter palatte and those colors would go great with rich fall/winter colors. Thanks for inspiring me.

  8. WOW!! That is wonderful and there is no way on God’s green Earth that I could do that as a beginner….nope, wouldn’t happen.

    Karen A.

  9. Love the pearl pendant. You are truly gifted and creative. . Would you consider allowing me to purchase the pearl pendant instructions. Thank you for your consideration,,,

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