Swarovski Crystals and Beads

I have a wonderful new project that I designed underway, and I wanted to experiment with some beautiful Swarovski Crystals and pendants, etc. that arrived from ArtBeads.com, my favorite online bead store.

First off, here is the lovely Crystallized Swarovski products:

I especially love the faceted Teardrop pendants, they are begging to be a focal point in a beaded project.  The donut shaped “cosmic” pendants I can see in a freeform beaded project, too.

Here is a quick FYI for when you purchase the Swarovski product.  You will want to protect the foil or metal appearance backing by simply painting them with a clear coat nail polish:

swarovski crystal

and step 2:

nail polish step

Keep watching for my finished project.  It is underway and I’m loving how it is turning out.

What I like about Artbeads.com is that wide variety of products they carry and how they have organized their online site.  Lots of inspiration there when you have a project to do.


Off to create!!  Carla


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