Betty Post

I have a dear friend named Betty, who I first met back in my rubber and paper art days.  I finally got to meet Betty in person and hang out when I lived for 2 years in Minnesota back in the mid 90’s.  Betty has a heart of gold, plus is a creative woman from years back.  Actually,  Betty was the first person to show me beading.

Betty, who also is known by many as “Queen Betty of Pego Pego,” now lives in Oregon and is retired.  She is still creating, and is a young soul in a mature body.  Anyway, Betty sent me a box filled with quilty goodies just because she wanted to.  Betty is that giving!

First up are 2 signed books from Jean Ray Laury, an artist I have long respected and admired.  She is a pioneer of the modern quilting movement.


signed message on the Applique book:

jean autog

Here is what else Betty sent:


Yes, those are some vintage cool rubber stamps for making small pieced blocks:


Thank you, dear Betty!!  I appreciate your kindness and spirit!  Hugs, Carla


6 thoughts on “Betty Post

  1. oh! I have one of those miniature rubber stamps! They’re by Thoroughly Modern Minis. The one I have is for a signature block, although I’ve never used it. These days, I do freezer paper piecing if I want to to paper piecing … much easier for me than the rubber stamp.

  2. I have had that book on embroidery by Constance Howard since the seventies – and it is inspirational. Also found a book on clothes by Jean Ray Laury in a used books store some years ago, – very seventies that too.

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