Another pic

Still under the weather today… seems this is the year my husband passes on viruses to me that he picks up traveling on business.  On the bright side, I am fine tuning my immune system.

I took a few pictures of the current work in progress, a quilt for Candy,  using some great side lighting:

Candy quilting1

Candy block quilting 2

As you can see, there is no SID as yet.  But you can see how I am working the border design  ito the center of the block.    This is obviously a work in progress, and the virus has slowed me down quite a bit.

Off to rest up…..  C


13 thoughts on “Another pic

  1. Hey, Carla. Hope you feel better soon.

    I was wondering why you SID after doing the quilting and not the other way around.

    And, what batting are you using on this quilt?


  2. Hi Laurie, Re: the SID question, I started out as a freehand quilter over 5 years ago and stayed far away from SID the first year or so.

    I learned how to control the quilt sandwich by even freehand quilting, taking care to not under stretch or over stretch the quilt.

    Later, I forced myself to learn SID, but I now do it as a last step rather than the first. I do it this way because I have complete confidence in my ability to control the quilt sandwich on my table by using freehand quilting alone.

    Typically, I load the quilt backing, top and batting on my machine table, then start in the upper left corner of the quilt, working left to right. When finished, I advance the quilt sandwich and continue. At the end of the quilt, I change my top thread to Monolon, then work from the bottom of the quilt up adding in SID where needed.

    Batting for quilts vary depending on the type of quilt and how it is to be used. This one, I wanted just a bit more texture, so I have used 2 layers of batts. The bottom is Dream Cotton Select, and the top was going to be wool, but we changed it to a poly at the last minute.

    Probably more info than you asked for, but I thought I would explain how I approach quilts and SID since it is the opposite to most machine quilters. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Carla

  3. Very nice, sorry you got the bug again or a new one, not fun at all…. I have the stencil you are using in the border and the center of the blocks, I love the eggplant color, so rich…..

  4. Everytime you put up pictures I am amazed at your creativity and the beauty of your work! Hope your on the mend and feeling your best soon!

  5. Well, we have something in common…I’m fine tuning too. I hate being sick during the summer months…and the winter months.

    Beautiful, beautiful quilting. I need to go back and reread everything posted her to understand why you SID after you fill in. Maybe that is why mine looks so bad. I have been thinking I had to stabelize first. So do you pin everything down, then do all the fill work, then go back and SID?

    I’ll just go back and read it.

    Hope you are feeling better soon…I want to see more of this quilt.

  6. Please post a picture with the SID so we can compare the before and after. I only freehand or now use my PCQuilter so I am interested in the comparison. Lovely quilt, I too am drooling on my screen.


  7. Carla, Sorry I just saw these beautiful pictures and replies. They are incredible. Hope you are feeling better. Nothing is worse than feeling bad and bobbin up and down in a boat on water. Get well quickly. Dar

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