Teeny Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on a quilt, and thought I would show you the block quilting just for fun- along with why I decided to quilt it this way.

Here is the block with the teeny tiny quilting:


The biggest challenge was in thread selection.  Sometimes, when you have a huge contrast in the quilt block, you would audition thread that split the difference between the light and the dark- then go from there.

If I had done that on this quilt, I would have devalued the piecing work, along with the overall look of the quilt.  It would have “muddied” the area down, and, imho, would not have worked as well.

So after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to quilt the light areas light, and the dark areas dark.  I could even decide to just quilt the light only- as well.  Another decision.

I still have the SID work to do, too… I’m a rare quilter in that I like to do that as my last step to give the areas crisp borders.   It is just how I do it, there are really no right and wrong ways.

The overall quilt is interesting.  It does something unusual in that the values flip on a diagonal line in the quilt.  Before I can show you, I need to get Candy’s permission though.

Have a great weekend… Jack is coming over for his first sleepover with grandma and grandpa… woo-hoo!

23 thoughts on “Teeny Sneak Peek

  1. You have one of the best eyes in the biz! I can tell it’s going to be another stunner just from this little bit you’ve shared.

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

    (Enjoy your sleepover! I’m sure you have fun times in store for the grandbaby…well, maybe not so tiny anymore! lol)

  2. Carla, Another prize winner for sure!! It’s beautiful. It looks like a traditional block but with updated quilting motifs, yet it will be true to the quilting tradition. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. wow, it looks beauiful………………
    I just envy your talent………..
    I have been very busy this weekend making a quilt for my new grandson due later in the year………………..It doesnt come easy, lol.
    Enjoy ur time with Jack, they are so special……….grandkids.

  4. Your quilting is ‘to die for’, Carla. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this quilt.
    I am interested in the fact that you do the SID after you’ve done the quilting in the piecing. Do you SID before you advance? or do you do all the SID after you’ve done the quilting in all the blocks?

    Thank you, Donna. I actually quilt the entire quilt first, then my last step is to change my thread to Monolon monofiliment and ditch the quilt where needed. This is completely backwards to how most do it, but it works for me. I do it this way because I feel I can completely control the sandwich this way.

    I say quilters should do it anyway they feel like it works for them. Ditch before, during, or after…. it is all good!

  5. Love the way the light shapes have changed shape with the quilting. Also loved the phrase ‘devalue the patchwork’ which you used a few days ago. You are one of a few machine quilters working on quilts for others who values the patchwork and applique above or equal to the quilting.
    Judy B

  6. Thanks, Judy. I think it is a balancing act for the quilter. I want my quilting to complement the quilt and enhance it further, not detract from what the piecer or appliquer is trying to accomplish.

    I think thread choice is critical to the end result. If I had chosen a more contrast-y thread for this quilt, for example, it would not be as visually pleasing. We have all seen quilts where the quilting thread color competes with the piecing- and not in a good way.

    Thanks for your comment and I appreciate all the comments everyone has posted. Take care, Carla

  7. Beautiful as always.. some day i am going to make a quilt and YOU are going to quilt it for me.. he he… yeah right.. LOL

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