Thursday Already?

Wow, where has this week gone?  I’ve been working in the quilt studio this week, and today is no exception.  I decided to change up my border design on my current quilt to give my friend, Candy, more options for trimming.  I liked the previous design, but the new one is more in balance with this quilt.  How’s that for a teaser??  I promise to show you the new and improved border soon.

That happens sometimes.  I sketch out several quilting designs to see what looks best, plus what one the quilt owner likes.  Once it is stitched out, you know if it works 100%.  This one would work, but I wanted to do something that would be even better.  So I don’t mind a bit of stitch removal time, aka “frogging a quilt,”  in the interest of the end result.

Candy has been very patient and quietly waiting to see what I have done.  She gets brownie points for patience!  LOL  I do not like rushing on a quilt if I can possibly help it.

This weekend I am  spending it in the studio to make up for my being gone to Tahoe sailing last weekend.

The beading bug hit me BIG Time yesterday, so I drove over to my local bead shop and dug in their huge bead bin for awhile.  I also needed some wire to make jump rings, so that was another reason to head over there.  Hmmm… one day, I should do a tutorial on making Jump Rings.  It is so easy and cost effective.  Plus, I like the idea that I turned utilitarian metal into something pretty and decorative!

Keep watching for some pictures….   Hugs, Carla

7 thoughts on “Thursday Already?

  1. There’s a little contradiction there: “I’ve been working every day in the studio”, we’re starting to feel sorry for you and then “I went to the bead store yesterday”. Ah ha! You’ve been caught! You weren’t busy EVERY SINGLE DAY in the studio!

    I suppose you get a break from time to time. 🙂

  2. LOL… Vicki… I didn’t say ALL DAY, I said every day. LOL Every day means I worked as long as I wanted to. Could be 8 hours, could be 4.

    Besides, it is good for my artistic harmony to take breaks. See? I can rationalize with the best of them!! LOL!

  3. Great chatting with you today, sorry I had to run, and I was late to my appointment but he was running behind anyway… Beads, I love beads and have purposely avoided the new Shop nearby and right next to my Starbucks, I do not need another addiction LOL…..

    Hopefully you didn’t get too much quilted before you changed your mind, I always say to myself, maybe if I go just a little bit further I will like this more and I end up picking out more then if I would have gone with my first gut feeling….. We are all looking forward to seeing what you have done…..

    Enjoy your weekend and I am trying to do something creative everyday, thanks for advice,, Hugs

    No more frogging… in the end I decided to follow my instincts about choosing thread for a high contrast area. I started with the back ground and after I ditch the block and sashings, I will see how much quilting it needs in the dark areas.

    After our chat. I started tackling some areas and it looks great! Can’t wait to get back to it! Thanks for letting me talk my way through to the solution! Hugs, C

  4. Soon, I am making great progress! Each block takes me about an hour, it is pretty complex with tiny quilting and a bit of fill!

    The color of the thread is important on this quilt, you will see when I finally post a sneak peek!

  5. Oh sure, Carla, nice way to make us who are waiting even more inpatient! Who knew you were such a BIG MEANIE!!! 😉 LOL LOL

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