See what Arrived?

It has been awhile since I shared some lovely beads…  My current project is using these lovely olive pearls from my favorite online bead store-

I found these lovely pearls at

I found these lovely pearls at

I  LOVE this color and I can’t wait to use them in a project!  It looks very rich in person, too.  In case you wanted a strand for yourself, I found the Olive Pearls here.

ArtBeads also have other pearl colors, and even a few mixtures.   How many other bead lovers are out there? LOL!

My new philosophy:  Do something creative each day.  Today I quilted, and spent time designing with my bead stash.  What did YOU do creative today?  C’mon, I really want to know!

Postscript:  OK, I followed my own recommendation and did some retail therapy again at artbeads.  I promise to share when it comes.

See you on Monday.  Another trip to Tahoe- which is less than an hour away from Feathered Fibers Central.  I will take pictures to share…  it is a beautiful location.  Take care, Carla

9 thoughts on “See what Arrived?

  1. No way, Vicki! Quick! Go find some beads and run your hands in them. I promise you will feel better.

    LOL Btw, when I was doing my photo shoot, I did take a shot of the pearls draped on your handmade soap and a sea sponge. LOL

    Hugs, Carla

  2. Beautiful pearls, and also a very nice feather design in the other post!

    I was very creative today, I am working on a pictorial quilt on Yellowstone and finished a block of the Canyon. I really went crazy with surface embellishment there, very unsual for me, but it was the only way I could reach the texture I wanted in the block.

    Now I hope you really wanted to know, thanks for asking anyway 🙂

    Beatrice in Germany

  3. I volunteered to do all the desserts for a baby girl shower this weekend… I am attempting to decorate one of the deserts with fondant..she wanted an array of desserts… have you ever noticed.. dessert spelled backward is STRESSED… LOL

  4. Creative every day, hmm, I fiddled with my wholecloth design still playing to get the final Ahhhh in my mind….

    Enjoy your weekend, I am sure you will do just fine…. Love the olive beads but then whats not to love that is olive green LOL….

  5. I don’t think moving counts as creative, in any way, so I think I have to say I didn’t manage that today.

    Sad but true.

    I created a new friend yesterday though!

  6. HI Carla,
    Thakyou for your lovely comment and this is the magazine that i used to make my bracelet…(Bead and Button, June2006 Issue 73) see How you go and if you can’t find it then i am more than happy to email you a copy of the pattern.)’
    Today creative, I did some gardening, took some photo’s and made a pair of earring for a friend….
    And i am 100% bead freak mad, and i know quite a few ladies who share the passion, and yes I love the pearls very much………………..
    Hoe your weekend was filled with plenty of sunshine.

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