Border of Current Quilt

I am in the midst of another quilt, so I thought I would show you the border and discuss why I chose this:

border of current quilt

This is a collaborative project- and the plan is to have an interesting edge treatment.  I thought I would design around this… the key is to divide the space and keep it even.

I decided to do this next quilt freehand, hence the freehand border.  I will show you bits and pieces as I go.

Other Items:  I’m working on other projects, of course… a fiber one, a quilty one, and a beaded projects.

Hope your week is going well!  Carla

9 thoughts on “Border of Current Quilt

  1. Love it. I love how it is curvy but also straight. So does collaborate means there are other people working on this quilt? Or does it mean, other people will help with the design proess? I’ll be watching.

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