Sock Monkey fabric – and other stuff


I haven’t posted in a few days or longer.  Been busy babysitting Jack, nursing a sick husband (who happened to catch a flu bug), quilting, socializing with friends (this past weekend), then I caught the flu bug (that’s what I get for kissing Joe!), having lunch with dear friends, and then buying some new sock monkey flannel fabric from my local quilt store.



So that’s the quick version of what I have been up to! Btw, just what is up with the monkey and the banana??

In other news- I am working on a quilt… will show you when it is finished.  I do need to get the permission from the artist first since this one is an original design.

This next weekend is the 2nd sailing class in the series we are taking on Lake Tahoe.   I am studying in my spare time for the test they give you.

Off to the studio… hugs, Carla

9 thoughts on “Sock Monkey fabric – and other stuff

  1. I am sure my mother will want this fabric once she sees it! I guess the banana is supposed to be like the moon! Cute.
    Good luck with your next sailing session!

  2. Carla! Love your website and the chance to see more of your work! I’ve been in Tahoe since Thursday and am going back tomorrow. I’m staying with son, grandson & his mom at a house he rented for us until next Wednesday. Got to swim and build castles and play Jack Sparrow Pirates with Shanti! I’m a tired G-Ma! Call me when you get a chance. I have news, bbut don’t wnat to tall you except in person.
    Lots of love…come back and learn to weave more..I have you all set up.
    Peace, Mary!!!!!!!

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