Mini Vacation!

Soon, I am off to Tahoe for the sailing lessons with Joe.  I love that we  have the same interests, too, after all our years together!    Anyhow, we have been practicing our knots, terminology, books, etc. in preparation for this trip.

Tahoe is expected to be beautiful- in the 80’s (degrees, not Celsius).   Any restaurant tips for the SLT, California side?

The best part of the trip is just doing something fun and different.


Remember I had decided to interview house cleaners?  Well I hired one- a friend of a friend, so I feel really good about her references.  She comes tomorrow morning to clean for the first time.

I am trying to control myself and not clean before the cleaner comes.  I do have everything picked up, so that’s not an issue.  Ok, maybe I cheated just a bit…  why should I expect someone to scrub the mineral build-up on the inside of my toilet?  That’s not fair… so I decided to help her out and take a pumice stone to them all.   There!  I feel better already!

Life is good….  Carla

5 thoughts on “Mini Vacation!

  1. I hope you have fun in Tahoe, and are free from some of the problems you ran into during your trip delivering the boat.

    Send that cleaning lady to my house, next! I need help!

  2. Hi C, even though I installed a water softener in my home, I live in an area with lots of minerals in the water system. I have found that the best way to keep your loo free of mineral build up is to occasionally rub it out with a pumice stone.

    The cure for discoloration in your bowl, such as iron deposits, is to get a water softener system. This is a DIY project.

    BTW, if the inside of your dishwasher has discoloration, try adding a few scoops of Tang powder and run it through a cycle. If it is still persisting, use the tang directly with a sponge and it will rub out.

    Hope this helps!

  3. You crack me up — cleaning the toilets BEFORE the cleaning lady. Have a marvelous time in Tahoe — what a nice break!!

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