Quilt for Nancy

Finally unloaded Nancy’s quilt, then trimmed any loose threads, knotted and buried the tails, and took the final pictures.

For some reason, this quilt took forever.   Anyway, it is a special quilt for a special friend.  North Carolina quilter’s can see this quilt on display in about a month.

It is a very traditional quilt using neutral fabrics.  Here is the before:


My proposed design rough sketch:

Nancy quilt design

And the execution of the proposed design:

nancy finish 3

Here are some close-ups.  The first one was taken as I was quilting in the last border:

nancy last border

Finished, on my dining room table:

nancyfinish 2and here is one of the back.  I used So Fine thread in 2 colors- a light medium Brown and an off white:

nancy back

The neutral thread really blends well on the back.  It was a nice change of pace from the high contrast quilt backs I have completed earlier this year.

Hope you enjoy seeing the quilt from the beginning to end.

Regards, Carla


16 thoughts on “Quilt for Nancy

  1. Fabulous!! Quilting DOES make the quilt. There is no end to how talented and resourceful you are — simply amazing.

  2. I had to come see as soon as I got your email…. I love quilts using solid prints those piecers are our friends, they understand that the plain surface is our goldmine, our quiltining really shows up, enabling us to do our magic, I also love, LOVE simple quilts like this one, WHY? Because we as Quilters do as you just did give them PERSONALITY.. Great job, it now has a place in the piecers life, I am sure she will love it but then who wouldn’t????? Great job Carla, you use your favorite quilting motifs with such flair…

    Can’t wait to see the next one.. Hugs

  3. Simply beautiful, Carla. I hope one day to quilt half as well as you. I know, PPP, right? Can’t wait to see your next quilt when you return from Tahoe. Thanks for sharing. Dar

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