I had joined facebook a long time ago, then promptly lost my password.  The program software would not email it to me.  Earlier this week, after some prodding by my good friend, Faith,  I decided to spend the calories getting it all worked out.

For all you blog readers, my facebook page is HERE in case you want to add me.  Just add a note saying you are a blog reader and I will be happy to accept the request.

Even my new grandson, Jack, has a facebook page, obviously intended for close friends and family:

jack facebook I love this picture as it captures his personality!  He also loves to imitate his mom and dad on the cell phone, too.

Yesterday, Jack spent the day with us.  He was a very happy guy the whole day and only fussed a little bit at bedtime.   My heart melts everytime he runs to me or holds his arms out to me.

Today, I hope to finish the quilt I have been slowly working on.  I also have to study for the 2 day sailing class Joe and I are taking next weekend up in Lake Tahoe.

How was your weekend??

10 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Deb, I didn’t know you had a sailboat? Do tell me about it? What type, length, etc.

    Since you are close to the Keys and the Bahamas, do you ever sail there?

    Faith, stay cool!!

  2. Hi Carla – Darling pic of Jack. What a cutie. Where did you settle on staying while in Tahoe? We were there a few weeks ago but stayed in Truckee and did some white-water rafting with the kids. Spent yesterday in a sew day class with Cindy Needham and today doing paperwork at my hubby’s office. Tomorrow I head back to Sacramento, then back (to Chico) on Thursday and off to McCloud on Friday for a weekend quilting retreat. Take care and have a good week and especially a good weekend in Tahoe.

    Hi Debbie, I picked the Embassy Suites. I used to white water raft (all Forks of the American River) years ago. Recently, a guide was killed on the South Fork at a place called Troublemaker. Be safe and take care!

  3. Went boy scout camping this overnight Saturday. It was nice to be away from ‘everything’. But it was really nice to get home and re-set up the tent to clean it and do laundry.

    Then I got to play with my new yarn winder. What fun! Multiple yarn cakes later…I’m happy and about to start working on a new shawl/cape project.

    Jack’s picture is way too adorable.

  4. Went to the Reno quilt show — it was done at the National Car Museum so we had fun — my hubby and I love classic cars and to have quilting too made it great. They’re doing it there again next year. Fabulous museum with so many beautiful classic cars. Found a vender with a BIG box full of kimono scraps for $10 lb — I’ve sifted thru them three times so far — have no idea what I’ll do with them but they are so beautiful!!

    Jack is adorable!! Grandchildren light up your life!!! Enjoy!

  5. What a doll he is you can certainly see he is one happy little guy and ready for the World, hmmm, possibly a Presidential candidate in the future… Enjoy him Carla, he will grow up much tooo fast, trust me on that one….

  6. Be careful when sailing in Tahoe!! You never know when Tahoe Tessie might pop up for a visit….!!!!!

    I will bring my camera, catch the big swimming lizard in action, then make a fortune! LOL

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