Wednesday WIP!

Good day to you!  Thought I would let you know what I am up to.

Quilting: First up is Nancy’s quilt, which I am slowly making headway on.  Here are the alternating block designs, including my favorite flower:

nancy blocks

The block design and the border both complement each other nicely.  This is intentional:

nancy border copy

I love to combine freehand work and stencil designs on some of my custom quilts.  I can get away with using my favorite flower (yet again) because Nancy has never seen it used on any of her quilts.  LOL!

Speaking of Quilting, I thought I would share a picture of my big quilting machine hard at work on Nancy’s quilt:

my machine

In case anyone is curious, I use an A1 quilting machine in my studio.  Mine is about 5 years old now, and reliable as my Toyota car!    I think it holds the record for timing stability.  The last time it was timed was in the factory 5 years ago!!   Can anyone beat this???

Use the Muse 2 :My freef0rm beading piece is getting close to being done.  Then I have to assemble it and take some good quality shots for the challenge by the deadline.

Fiber Art: Next up is a new fiber art and quilting challenge with my good friend, Lori over at Art & Play blog, and others who attend ArtFiberFest each year.  I will tell you more just as soon as the challenge is defined….

Misc:  I’m in the process of arranging a house cleaning service.  I’ve decided to stimulate the economy- and help my back- all at the same time!!   Of course this will free up more time to create, so I am all for it!!

I will confess to having always done my own cleaning.  I always felt that if I had a cleaner, I would clean before they got to my house, anyway.  Anyone else feel that way??     Anyhow, I think it is time to let go of my anal ways and hire someone else to do the cleaning.   Life is good…..

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful…  I always want to hear what YOU are up to!    Post a comment and tell me what you are working on!! – Carla

14 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP!

  1. My Mother always “cleans” the day before her cleaning lady comes! For some time, I have just wanted a cleaning lady to do my floors for me every two weeks, because I have such a bad back.

    Nancy’s quilt is gorgeous!I love the chocolately,coffee colored hues paired with your amazing quilting! A winning combination!

  2. Your quilting looks fantastic. I have had a cleaning service since before I got married. I don’t exactly “clean” the day before, I jsut pick up all of my piles from the floor so that she has somethng to vacuum. I can’t believe you haven’t had one before given your health issues. Just be prepared that it sometimes takes a little while to find just the right one! I’ve had my current one since we moved into this house 11 years ago. She walks on water as far as I am concerned!

  3. Well, I guess I have you beat! My A1 will be 6 years old on August 5th and I have never timed it! It’s still got the factory timing and runs great!!

    I have used house cleaners in the past, but currently don’t. I always did spend about an hour tidying up piles and messes so she could actually clean. But it’s so wonderful! Be sure to be at home and secure your valuables tho… ask me how I know to do that!!

    Nancy’s quilt is looking really good…

    Wow, Michelle, you have me beat!! We are very lucky to have such stable machines. I have had a few people in studio who wanted to “untime” in order to teach other students to time, and I said “no way.” Why mess with perfection?

  4. Ages ago, when we had a cleaning service, I picked up all the clutter the night before so that the cleaning service would spend their time doing the stuff that *I* didn’t like doing. I didn’t want to pay them to put away the family’s clutter … they would need to ask me where it went anyway since they wouldn’t have a clue. But it was *so* nice to see those beautifully clean rooms when they were done.

    The quilting on Nancy’s quilt is just awesome. I like the information that you passed along about using stencils with free-motion designs. I probably never would have thought of it myself.

    Question: when using stencils on quilts that are not yours, what do you use to mark the stencil and be assured that it would come *off* before you handed it back to the client? (On my own quilts, I have no problem tossing them in the washing machine after quilting, but I wouldn’t do that on a client quilt .. so how would I mark a stencil?)

    Shelley, I use a variety of safe marking products- my favorite on this quilt is plain ole kiddie chalk and miracle chalk powder applied with a foam brush. Both can be easily brushed off. If any residue remains, a simple spritz with some water and gentle rubbing will easily remove any marking.

    Also, the miracle chalk comes off with steam, too. You have to be careful using steam and water on a quilt, taking care to not have any fabric bleed. This quilt is ok- meaning none of the fabrics are unstable.

    No marking is done in the light areas- I’m just using the spaces to quilt similar feather motifs or continuous curve in each block. I am mainly marking the center of the flower, and the lotus border flower. The rest is unmarked.

    The issue of what marking tools to use could be a mini class on its own.

  5. I’m with Shelley. I have a lady come twice a month. I try to ‘de-clutter’ either the day before or I go into a room before she does. I think the house stays cleaner that way. I get rid of stuff..and she carts off the dust bunnies. She is a GEM..and my back is much happier! I am about to get a used Gammill and love to see your quilting.

  6. Four weeksago I injuried my neck & spine, I have little use of my left arm and pain in the neck. I see the spine sugeron this morning to put Humpty Dumpty back together. Dumb was I digging out for a paver patio. Anyway I hired my 5 grandkids to clean for me, I now have the cleanest house, plus they made spending money, What Fun!!
    Your quilting is fantastic as always. My quilting skills have improved so much thanks to you for your kind help. I love the color combination of Nancy’s quilt.
    I ordered an A-1 at MQS, can hardly wait to quilt with it. I have my other machine up for sale.

  7. Beautiful quilting, Carla. Of course, we expect that from you!

    I would love to have a cleaning lady. I am occasionally able to get my daughter to vacuum the carpet and my son to vacuum the hardwood. I’m pretty excited when that happens!

    If I’m ever working “full-time” and we get some bills paid off, then I would love to hire someone to clean. What a treat!

  8. This is going to be another beauty. I do like that flower border.
    As far as a housekeeper, I have had mine for about 10 years and would sacrifice almost anything rather than give her up. She forces me to be neater. I don’t mean that she stands over me and cracks a whip. LOL. No, she is a sweetie and she loves to tidy up. But the Ana method is not always my method. So if I want to find something, say the electric bill, I had better put it where it belongs before she arrives. She has me pretty well trained now.

  9. Hi Carla,

    Love your quilting & blog. Just a tip on the house cleaning.
    Don’t teach your cleaner to quilt! I did, gained a great friend but lost a cleaner. She had better things to do!!!!

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