Carla Tip: new Bobbin Case!

Here is a tip for all you “M” bobbin  users- a wonderful new bobbin case that I love.  Before I left on my boat trip, I ordered one from Megan Best, who is an A1 longarm dealer and teacher up in WA state.  I had heard it was an improvement over the older bobbin cases that I had from the same company, so I decided to buy one to try out.  Many mid and longarm companies have “M” bobbins in their machines.

Yes!  It worked as advertised!  No more backlash!  I am very happy with how it has performed.  I endorse this bobbin case, something I rarely do here on the blog.    It looks pretty similar to my old bobbin cases, but does have slight differences in appearance.

And… in case you are curious, I have not benefited from my endorsement.  I just like to share with you those products which work.  The only place I know of that sells this bobbin is Megan, so I have placed her contact info above.

That’s my hint for the day!  Take care, Carla


4 thoughts on “Carla Tip: new Bobbin Case!

  1. Carla, does the new case make any difference in the way the bottom tension changes as the bobbin empties?

    Hi Jorja, good to hear from you! I didn’t notice any tension changes until I actually ran out (the last few inches). Usually I can hear when the bobbin gets low, but I was listening to music real loud. LOL

    Up until now, I had been having backlash in the bobbin, despite bobbin case adjustment, bobbin genies, or my home-made teflon bobbin thingie. I had heard that the new bobbin was an improvement, so I figured I would try it out. I am sure glad I did!

    Jorja, I haven’t had the issue you speak of with any of my bobbins. I use the steel metal looking bobbins from Columbia River, though I also have the shiny variety and the black variety sold on ebay. Good luck! Hugs, Carla

  2. I visited Megan’s site and could not find a parts page. Is it there?
    My HobbyQuilter has a ‘L’ bobbincase. Also interested in your lecture you are preparing. A Pro/Quilter friend of mine would take a road trip with me to hear it. I brag about your qltng and Ronda’s to her all the time.

    Thanks, CJ

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