Working On New Classes

I have been rather quiet of late- mainly because I am diligently working on the online version of my Quilt Whisperer class to be taught this fall.  There will be lots of visuals, plus some video footage, too.  I am also working on 3 other new classes- all machine quilting focused, to be taught next year.


I have been asked to prepare a guild presentation, too.  I’m thinking of talking about machine quilting and how I approach quilting design.  I will also use some of my cartoons to illustrate what NOT to do, or discuss some various aspects of the piecer/quilter relationship.  Of course, I will bring lots of quilts, too, for show and tell.  Part trunk show, part informative.

I still remember the very first time I taught students- and how nervous I was at speaking to a group.  That was way back in 1994, during my rubberstamp, paper art days.  Just like giving a speech, I practiced so I would build my confidence.  I survived that first class and was very happy to see almost all of the students sign up for future classes, too.

Nowadays, I teach various quilt or fiber art subjects at my local quilt store and some private group or individual classes upon request.  The best part of teaching is meeting the students and getting to know them.

So that is what I am up to.  This morning, I am taking time to get “beautified” by my hair clinician.  I think this time I want to go shorter and a bit blonder.  I am always accused of being a blonde, so why not wear it well?  LOL

Then, I am having family arrive today, my dear mother-in-law, Ramona.  (a quick hello to her church group and friends, who I am told read my blog!)  I am getting my guest room ready, washing the sheets so that they smell nice and fluffy!  We all know that the windows are washed…. LOL  Actually, someone asked if I washed them because my MIL was coming.  The answer is no, Ramona is easy going about stuff like that, I cleaned them because it disturbed my home artistic harmony!!  Really.  I get in cleaning moods.

The weekend is planned…. a nice drive tomorrow to see some sites, lunch somewhere, then a repeat of Joe’s Caribbean night of food.  Sunday we will spend quality time with Baby Jack- who is now a toddler, but still- oh so cute!


I took this picture about a week ago- the last time I watched him.  I am feeding him dried cranberries in case you are curious.  LOL

Off and running!!!  What do you have planned??  Hugs, Carla


13 thoughts on “Working On New Classes

  1. Carla,
    I live in Yuba City and would like to hear your guild presentation. I live local enough that I could drive to a meeting. Could you let me know. Also am interested in classes you are preparing.

    Cari J

  2. Ditto on where the guild meeting will be and how to attend you online class. I have learned so much already just from your blog. Would love to meet you in person.

  3. What a doll baby!! Cutie pie.

    Yippee…machine quilting classes!! I have taken just about all I can from MQS. I’m ready for some Carla classes. Tell me where to sign up! I’ll catch the first flight to CA.

  4. This sounds like a great visit from your MIL. And she get to see her great-grandson, Jack. Don’t forget to snap a few 4 generation photos while she is there.

    Can’t wait for the new classes. I promise that Mary Beth and I will not be in the same class….MB is such a trouble-maker. LOL.

  5. Thanks to all the quilters who have contacted me here and privately expressing an interest in an online class or an in-person class. I sure do appreciate it! Carla

  6. I’m very much interested in your online class, please let me know when and how to sign up. I have learned so much from your blog. Thanks! Rebecca

  7. Jack is a cutie, love those cheeks.

    Put me down as an interested party to your on-line class.

    Have a fun week.

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