Window Washing and other topics

Disclaimer:  Do not wash windows if recovering from an injury.  At least, get a clearance from your medical professional first.  Some of us learn this the hard way!!

Window Washing: This weekend, I did a few chores that you put off until you can’t stand it any more.  My  windows had been bugging me, they were really in need of a good wash.  I have lots of windows designed into my house so I could easily enjoy the view from every room.  Here are a few pictures from a post last year showing my windows:


Anyway, you can see I have lot windows to clean, so I broke it into 2 days.  Wondering what the “easy” way to clean lots of window is?  No, hiring a window washer doesn’t count.  LOL!  All you need is a bucket of warm water with dish soap, a garden hose with a spray nozzle, and a professional squeegee/cloth  combo head on a telescope handle.  The top looks like this:

The easy way to do the window involves just a few steps:

1. Spray off any surface dirt

2. Dip cloth end into soapy solution and scrub the window

3. Hose it back off and squeegee window dry.

I do all the exterior windows, then come inside and substitute some  window cleaning solution instead of a hose spray down for the inside windows.  This is a modification of how a professional window washer would approach the job, I think.  I usually wash my windows at least 4 times per year and more if they need it.   Has anyone found a better way to approach their windows- besides hiring someone to do it?  I figure I save myself $150+ to do the job myself, so that is more money to spend elsewhere!


Today, I head down the hill for an appointment in Sacramento since washing windows caused me to have a set back in my yarn related injury.   I kid you not!

This gives me the perfect opportunity to take a side trip to a different bead store that carries every seed beed size and style that is made.  It is time to finally decide on a design for “Use the Muse 2” and get started.  I have my focal point, I have my other beads, but what I am lacking is seed beads in just the RIGHT color.

Chef Joe: Joe and I had a nice weekend together- window washing set back notwithstanding.  He is in a cooking phase,  so I happily volunteered to be his guinea pig, especially since that meant I didn’t have to cook each night.  My favorite meal was “Caribbean Night” which had Jerk Chicken, mango salad, chickpeas in rice dish- with a shimp appetizer.  My man gets an A+ for effort, creativity, and being a terrific husband!  You just gotta love a man that cooks.

Enjoy your Monday!!  Carla


7 thoughts on “Window Washing and other topics

  1. Yummy! I want to come eat Caribbean style at your beautiful home! LOL
    But should you really be washing windows with that yarn related injury????
    Have fun picking out just the right beads.

  2. Here’s my method for washing windows: A spray bottle with plain water and a microfiber cloth. Spray the window, and wipe clean with the cloth. The only streak-free method I’ve found that really works on my windows!

  3. I know I have 55 windows plus skylights! I use the hose and that window wash that you put on your hose and spray…it works well enough not as perfect as your way but better than nothing…it is sure a job! Very pretty home…you have. Where in CA?

  4. You crazy lady — all those windows with a back problem — I couldn’t believe it when I read it. Is this because your MIL is coming? LOL If that’s it I understand.

  5. Oh, Carla…I need to wash my windows so badly, but I just haven’t taken the time. We have a lovely view out to our meadow, pasture and horses…but its looking a little “hazy” these days. I don’t use any soap or the hose when I (rarely) wash the windows. I use those yellow micro-fiber rags you can get at Costco. One is in water, the other is dry. When the dry one is too wet to dry, I just get a new one out, toss the washing one in the wash and use the old drying one to wash with. Clear as mud? Never streaks and they turn out beautifully…

  6. Another good tip is to use surgical towels to detail the edges of your windows. They are the same kind towels doctors and dentists use. You can pick em up at most janitor supply stores. They are the best they leave absolutely no lint.

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