4th of July Weekend

Where has the time flown to?  It is already the 4th of July Weekend!  The best part is that Joe gets 3 days off and we can spend it together.  But let me catch you up first to all my doings.  I’ve been:

* Designing quilting lines for my next show quilt.

*Working on the current quilt

*Piecing my slash quilt

*Designing my entry for Use the Muse 2 contest

Of course, my Janome 6500 is still acting up for me.  The bobbin keeps shifting willy nilly, even after I purchased a new one.  So it is off to a Janome specialist to be diagnosed and fixed.  Also, I’ve been busy with all the mundane stuff in life :

* Scheduled an install of a new whole house fan for Wednesday

*Comb all 4 pets daily to remove foxtails and burrs

*Clean the house

*Organize parts of the house bit by bit (which is loosely related to Clean the house, above)

*lunch with friends

*babysit Jack

etc… you get the picture.

This weekend, we will barbeque, of course.  You can’t have the 4th without barbequing.  Mainly, we will work in the garden, rest up and read, perhaps take a hike or drive somewhere.  Something relaxing.  How about you??  What are your plans?

Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “4th of July Weekend

  1. I work in a Urgent Care Clinic and I will work. I don’t mind as I’m sure I will find out what some of the people do, like fall out of boat after day of drinking, fall in the campfire after day of drinking, fall off horse after day of drinking, shoot theirself in the foot after day of drinking, 4 wheeler wreck after day of drinking, well, you get the idea. Have a great 4th.

  2. PJ’s off to work at the local store/deli, Austin’s playing with a friend down the street who is having a b-day bbq that we’re invited to in early afternoon. Then tonight a local nondenominational churh has a yard concert followed by the fireworks at the high school which is conveniently right next door!

    PJ is going to friend’s home after work so it’s just Austin and I tonight.

    School is finished for the summer!! YAHOO! Now, I just don’t feel like sewing, quilting or knitting…I’m too pooped to pop. I’ll go get more propane to bbq tonight and then I think I’ll do NOTHING!!!!!



    PS – how’s the quilting schedule coming along?

  3. Wow, Carla, sounds like you have a lot on your plate and it isn’t just bar-b-que. I’ll be working all weekend ;o( Enjoy your time with Joe. Looking forward to seeing the next creations. Thanks again for sharing…Kathy

  4. Well the first was the drinking fool that had a 4 wheeler wreck. Had a big gash on the bridge of his nose and it was broken. I don’t have to deal with them a lot other than hearing their stupidity cause the nurses, all female yesterday, gets them to the back and they handled him pretty well. The next was a young drinking fool that cut a rope and his arm at the same time. Fifteen stitches later and he was on his way to more partying. Thankfully that was the only two drunks we had which was a pleasant surprise. Today may be a different story.

  5. I went to urgent care Friday….from there to the emergency room…from there to a night and day in the hospital…all because my daughter insisted I go to urgent care…and no I was NOT falling down drunk. LOL Unfortunately I didn’t even get a glass of wine and in the morning at the hospital they wouldn’t let me have my morning coffee!! Or anything else for that matter but I did learn stuff about new modern technology and fancy machines. I am fine. Home and soooo glad to sleep in my own bed, be finished with all the tests, etc. My daughter fed me an excellent meal last night — as well she should after forcing me to go to urgent care!! :o}

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