Color Scheme

I always love Vicki’s palette that she does every so often on her blog.  I read that she does this in Photoshop, so I thought I would try it out.  Vicki, these are for you:

iris color scheme

and here is another:

chicken scheme copy

These were fun to do.

Creativity….   I am quilting still.  Plus, I am midway through a piecing project for my Therapy Slash quilt using a different material as my inspiration.

I also received my “Use the Muse2” packet in the mail.  It came with lots of beads, plus a very high quality “muse” focal point.  The contest asks that we not reveal the muse ahead of the date, so I will be good and comply.

Also, stay tuned…. I have another challenge presented by

Hugs, Carla

8 thoughts on “Color Scheme

  1. I have always loved those color schemes and wanted to make my own too… and then DO something with them. I think you have doubly inspired me now!

  2. Wow the new slash it therapy quilt is great!! Need to get into the quilting room and finish the very boring brown quilt so I can work on my slash it quilt.

    What a cool thing to do it photo shop — I personally like the IRIS one — my colors and also one of my favorite flowers.

    Jack is so darn cute — good for you — have fun with him tomorrow!

  3. I’m all over the iris color scheme! The chiken one is nice but 2nd to the iris.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the beads.

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