Vacation Planning

Now that I am home again, it is time to schedule my vacation this year with Joe, my dear husband.

The other night, we started brainstorming ideas.  Perhaps a cruise or snorkeling in Belize?  Back to Hawaii?

Then we remembered our best vacation trip to date, when we bareboat rented the 44 foot catamaran in the BVI two years ago:


That was an incredible experience!  The snorkeling, the white sands and turquoise water!


So, why don’t we plan a bareboat cat trip back to the Caribbean??  It would be fun if my sister, Yvette, and her husband, Dave, also went along , too, however,  they cannot take off from work.  So than means Joe and I need to be prepared to charter on our own.

To prepare for this trip, we are taking three ASA courses this summer at our closet harbor- which is Lake Tahoe.  Luckily, we both have some experience, however, Joe has more sailboat helm experience than I do.  In college at UCBerkeley, he owned a racing Finn that he would take out on the bay.

I guess this means we have to stay in South Lake Tahoe a couple of nights for each class.  LOL!  Anyone have a recommendation for a nice place to stay?

So, we are both onboard for renting a cat in the Caribbean once again.  We love the Caribbean, and figure that late- October would be a good time to go, at the very end of the Hurricane season, but before all the crowds and “high season” rates.

Now you know my plans for vacation, I want to know what YOU haved planned?  Have you taken it already or will it be later this year or early next?

Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Vacation Planning

  1. I was loosely planning on attending a quilting retreat that is only an hour away from where I live here in Florida. It’s a couple days before my birthday in September, and Bonnie McCaffrey is one of the instructors who will be there. Of course, I have my hands full with my teenage boy…but I still think I ought to go since I never seem to make any time for myself.

  2. I THINK… you should come down here for classes! On the Ocean! You can stay with me at the B & B! Cambria is Veryyyyyyyyy Beautiful ya know!
    As for a vacation for us…. pppfffttt, not until next Easter Break I’m afraid. Until then, we live vicariously through our visitors:)
    Welcome home, and congrats on the latest win.

  3. Your vaction sounds like a lot of fun (except for the part that I would probable have to put on a swimming suit). LOL! I’m going to be going to CA to visit my granddaughters and walk on the beach with my capris (no suit for me). I loved all your posts on your trip. Can’t wait to see the pictures from your next adventure.

  4. My DH and I will be leaving this Saturday for a glorious week in Hawaii. Resting, eating out every night, snorkeling, swimming in a lagoon with sea turtles and of course there will be a huge quilt show going on just a few blocks from our hotel. Guess which one of us picked the travel dates for this trip (LOL). Can’t wait

  5. My daughter spent a semester in Spain (Jan through May). My DH and I went to see her for a week in March. It was our first trip to Europe – somewhere we never thought we would actually get to!! It was so great to see her and experience a different culture. But….needless to say, that’s it for vacations this year!

  6. Always surprising over here…amazong lock story, ove the chickens, and I ADORE the bareboat!!!

    We went down to Grenada a couple of times which was pretty amazing too…and a little safer as it is actually OUT of the hurricane belt, though they got hit in, 95? I think..

    Great vacation!

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