Other Trip Stories

This is my travel journal from a yacht delivery trip of the Motor/Yacht (M/Y) Odyssey, a 75 foot Lazzara, which started in Fort Lauderdale and ended in Bay Harbor, Michigan.- Carla

Here are a few more trip stories to share:

Docked at Troy, NY

Docked at Troy, NY

Big Oops– We stayed one night in Troy Marina (Hudson River, NY) right before we started through the Erie Canal locks.  We woke up Sat. morning and while we did some last minute prep work for the canals (pull out large round white fenders, etc), we sent Dave’s mom and dad to a small quaint Farmers Market.

They came back and said they found a woman with wool selling some dyed yarn.  It was way too hard for me to resist, so I begged asked Dave if we had time for me to go check it out.  He said yes, but hurry.  I decided to run at my top speed so as to not make the boat wait on me.

Unfortunately, the sidewalk along the river path was very uneven and I tripped while running.  I took the full brunt of the fall on my elbow, shoulder, knee and hip.  It hurt, but the yarn still called my name, y’know?  So I picked myself up, and limped to the yarn vendor, and bought about 5 skeins of lovely hand dyed, hand spun wool yarn.

I limped back to the boat, and climbed on board.  I ended up with some pretty gnarly bruises and scrapes.  You all would be proud of me, I sucked it up and worked the locks all day despite my nasty fall.

Manhattan Royal Siting– While sitting in a Irish pub in NYC, eating fish and chips and listening to the world soccer finals, a slender, tall,  cute redhead young man came through the door.  He had some other people with him, who could have been bodyguards.  He was a dead ringer for Prince Harry, but this is NYC, not London, right?

That night, while watching TV, there was a report on Prince Harry’s visit to the Big Apple!  Hmmm…. was it a royal siting or not?

What People Want to Know


This yacht attracted attention everywhere we went.  Men especially seemed to be attracted to it, and thought it had “sexy” lines.  The fact it had a joystick also made it attractive to the guys.  When we were docked in marinas, we would have a steady stream of visitors checking the boat out.  When we were traveling on the locks, people would shout out questions.  Most often heard:

1) How big is the boat?  A: 75 feet

2) Who owns it?  A: Businessman based in St. Louis, MO.  Sometimes, we would have a little fun with the people and our answer would change.

3) Where was it made…Italy?   A: No, it was build in the US down in Tampa, FL.

4) How much did it cost?   A: More money than I make.  LOL

5) Can we see the inside?  A: No  (BTW, how we wanted to answer this one was- How would you like it if strangers knocked on your front door and asked for a tour?)

6) Where are your going, where did you start? A:  We started the trip in Fort Lauderdale, FL and we are delivering the boat to the owner who lives in Bay Harbor, MI.

7) Can I come along??  A: Hahahahaha

At night, we would have to drop the blinds for privacy due to all the lookyloos.  Curious onlookers were both on land and on the sea.


I hope you enjoyed some of my other stories from my travels.  I have lots of these from this particular trip.  Hugs, Carla


4 thoughts on “Other Trip Stories

  1. I am proud of you…falling down…kept going for the yarn fix — then worked all day…a true fabric/yard/bead fanatic!!!


  2. Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. and even rubbing elbows with royalty….save for the falling down part. But you did get your yarn, after all. Take care of yourself, will ya’?

  3. Carla, I think I know what part of the sidewalk you tripped on as I have done the same when I worked in the building just down from there. Seems the city of Troy is just waiting for a law suit. I have enjoyed reading your travels, what an adventure. I do have one questions…does the guy that owns that Yacht and summer home have a single brother? What a beautiful home! Glad you’re all safe.

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